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When Use of Power Becomes Abuse of Power

Are evangelical churches like those in FIEC particularly prone to abusive leaders? Why or why not? What are some of the particular challenges for evangelicals that arise from what we believe? What are some of the warning signs that abuse may be happening?

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In this episode, Adrian Reynolds, FIEC Head of National Ministries, and John Stevens, FIEC National Director, discuss the temptations of abusing power in the church, how to discern if a leader is becoming abusive, and what to do about it.

00:00 - Introduction
01:00 - How do we discern when use of power has become abuse of power?
- Is there a difference between one-off abuse acts and a pattern of abusive behaviour?
06:27 - What are some of the signs that a leaders has become self-serving?
09:25 - Is it possible to be abusive without realising it?
11:57 - Are there particular temptations to abuse for evangelicals?
- How do we spot when a leaders is abusive?
- The importance of reporting abuse

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