Nations & Regions

If we are serious about Independent churches working together to reach Britain for Christ, we have to recognise that Great Britain is made up of distinctive nations and regions. That’s why we have members of our ministry team who focus their work in specific areas of Britain.

We also encourage church leaders to build fruitful gospel relationships across towns, cities and regions. One way we are seeking do this is through our programme of Local Conferences. You can find a conference near you on our events page – the following year’s conferences are uploaded each December.


We have a Scotland Director (Andy Hunter) who works to serve Independent churches in Scotland. We also partner with Edinburgh Theological Seminary on the Certificate in Independent Church Ministry.

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There are more than 75 FIEC churches within the M25 in London and we work to encourages them to forge strong relationships with one another. We recognise the strategic importance of London, so have a London Director (Trevor Archer) to help support churches in the city.

We want to foster and grow a sense of togetherness in the gospel among our London churches while recognising that growth in Independency in the English capital is part of our national ambition to reach Britain for Christ.

If you would like to stay up-to-date about our ministry, events and churches in London, you can subscribe to our London News & Prayer email.

Local Directors

One of the ways the FIEC is trying to provide help to churches is through ‘Local Directors’. These are men, experienced in church ministry, who can give time to the leaders and churches in a specific region of the country. This allows a level of support on the ground which the FIEC central team has not been able to provide.

They can offer support and advice to pastors and churches or catalyse partnerships at the local level. We see this as a key way leaders of FIEC churches can be strengthened and work together to reach Britain for Christ.

We have so far appointed Local Directors in the regions below, and are exploring more regions across Britain to serve in a similar way:

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