Leadership Blind Spots: Ethnic Minorities

The problem with blind spots is that we are blind to them! At this year's Local Leaders’ Conferences we spent a little time considering a potential blind spot as churches: minority cultures.

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In Galatians 2:11-21, Paul records how he had to confront Peter and Barnabas for not acting in line with the gospel in the way they were behaving towards Gentile believers. Paul calls it a 'hypocrisy' (2:13) which has led others astray. It was a blind spot that needed to be exposed.

God forbid we should do likewise.

We used this video to introduce a potential blind spot with help from Inonge Siluka, a member at Greenview Church in Glasgow, and a regular blogger and speaker. She helped us think about minority cultures and how we serve one another well in church life.

Please watch the video with your leadership team – you’ll find some discussion questions below which we used to help us think and pray through this issue.

Discussion questions

  1. Why is it important that we consider our potential blind spots?
  2. What would you say are the majority and minority cultures in your church?
  3. What kinds of ways might we (even inadvertently) display partiality?
  4. How do we guard against flattening diversity within diversity?
  5. What strategies can we implement to avoid tokenism of the sort that Inonge describes?
  6. How might you implement intentional prayer about this subject into church life and into leadership meetings?

Please pray together about this issue.

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