Fruitful 3: Joy

The spiritual fruit of 'joy' means something different to "being happy." In this third study we'll see that joy is actually relational.

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Video notes

  • Every gospel leader should be filled with joy but…
  • …this fruit (joy = chara) is about relationships
  • Spirit-filled leaders brings joy to – and find joy in – those whom they serve
  • E.g. Philippians 2:2, 4:1
  • Calvin: “Joy does not here, I think, denote that joy in the Holy Ghost of which he speaks elsewhere, but that cheerful behaviour towards our fellow men, which is the opposite of moroseness.”
  • FF Bruce, writing on 1/2 Thessalonians: “he and they were so completely bound in love together that their well-being was his great joy, as his – indeed – was theirs.”
  • Bring joy to others
  • Learn to find joy in what the Lord is doing in others

Questions to think about

  1. How would people in the church describe your temperament? Are you – be honest – a joy bringer? What could you practically do to become one?
  2. How easy do you find it to find joy in what the Lord is doing in others? What might you do to find out what he is doing?
  3. Are there particular people you find joy-sapping? Why? What could you do to encourage them?

Prayer ideas

  • Confess any lack of joy, cynicism, bitterness or jealously that might be a ‘natural’ reaction in your dealings with others.
  • Pray for the Spirit to fill you so that this supernatural fruit might be at work in you and evident to all.

Further passages to reflect on

Philippians 4:1-7; 1 Thessalonians 2:17-20

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