Fruitful 10: Self-control

How will the fruit of 'self-control' shape your response to criticism and provocation?

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Video notes

  • Self-control is a rare word but common idea in NT
  • Specifically applied to leaders in Titus 1:8 (the word translated self-control in 1 Timothy 3:2 is a different word)
  • Our minds immediately jump to controlling appetites
  • Paul applies this meaning to leaders in 1 Timothy 3:3
  • Because context is relationships, context here is more likely to be self-restraint of emotions in the face of provocation
  • Contrast with acts of the flesh earlier in chapter
  • Supremely seen in Jesus, 1 Peter 2:20-25
  • Sometimes self-control trumps immediate pursuit of justice
  • Like other fruit it is supernatural

Questions to think about

  1. How would you naturally respond to a long email or critical letter? How would being filled with this fruit change that?
  2. Do you agree that sometimes self-control is more important than the immediate pursuit of justice? Why can we let this be the case (see 1 Peter 2 for a worked example!)
  3. Are there particular people in church who need you to exercise more self-control?

Prayer ideas

  • Praise God for self-control of our Saviour!
  • Confess or ask God to reveal to you any situations where you have failed to show self-control
  • Pray against any besetting sins such as anger or bitterness

Further passages to reflect on

1 Peter 2:20-25

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