Fruitful 2: Love

Loving others does not come naturally; it is supernatural. In this second study we'll look closer at love in the life of a leader.

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Video notes

  • Love translates Greek word agapē. Paul uses word 75 times. When we are subject, verb is nearly always about loving others.
  • Loving others is of course connected to loving God, but Paul’s focus here is on the former (see v13).
  • Loving others = see people, treat them and serve them as Christ does (and Christ loves us).
  • Rarer than we imagine because we think we are loving as Christ does, when we might not be.
  • Why do you love people in church?
  • We should love people because Christ loves them, not because we find them lovely.
  • Like other fruit, this is a supernatural way of seeing others; it is not our natural inclination.

Questions to think about

  1. What motivates your love for those you lead? Be honest about motives.
  2. Who, amongst those you are responsible for, might not say that you love them? Why?
  3. What difference would the fruit of love make to your (1) praying (2) teaching (3) serving?

Prayer ideas

  • Rejoice in the love Christ has both for you and for all those in your church.
  • Ask forgiveness for those you have not loved and for those you have loved, but from wrong motives.
  • Ask the Spirit to help you see people as Christ does. Pray this prayer for specific people you serve.
  • Ask for the Spirit’s help to change how your serve, and to do so from a motive of love.

Further passages to reflect on

1 Corinthians 13

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