The Pastoral Support Team

The Pastoral Support Team

A team of experienced pastors and elders has been created to support FIEC churches going through times of trouble.


Seasons of Trouble

Churches and pastors will inevitably have seasons of trouble. Although prevention is better than cure, the New Testament letters reveal that churches do encounter difficulties, conflicts, trouble, and mess of various kinds.

It might be a personal issue experienced by a pastor or their family, it may be between the pastor and the other elders or church members, or it might even be between different churches.

God’s purpose is that His glory is put on display through local churches. That means the honour of the Lord Jesus is inseparable from the testimony of His body as it is expressed in local churches.

The key question is, therefore: how can the issue that has arisen be resolved to enable a local church to move forward in a way that honours our Lord Jesus?

The Pastoral Support Team

Requests for support come in from FIEC churches and pastors all the time, in all shapes and sizes. Since limits of time and energy mean the task cannot be fulfilled by one man, we have established a Pastoral Support Team.

The team’s purpose is to support Johnny Prime (FIEC’s Associate National Director with responsibility for Pastoral Ministries) in serving pastors and churches - especially when they encounter trouble.

The team is made up of experienced pastors and elders (both serving and retired) willing to give some time to this work, and to whom specific situations of care or trouble may be delegated.

This new initiative is an example of Independent churches working together to reach Britain for Christ through mutual support.

A booklet explaining more of the work of the Pastoral Support Team, titled Serving Pastors & Churches in Trouble, is available to download or as a printed booklet available on request from the FIEC office by email or by calling 01858 43 45 40.

The Pastoral Support Team has already been active in serving several churches. Please pray for those involved for wisdom as they seek to serve churches and pastors in times of trouble and need.

Getting Support For Your Church

The reality of church life is that many pastors will be faced with problems they have never encountered before, or that they may be unaware of the problem at hand.

The Pastoral Support Team has been created to help with just these situations to work together for peace in every situation.

If you or your church require support from the Pastoral Support Team please contact the FIEC office by email or by calling 01858 43 45 40.

Download the Booklet

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