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How to Pray for One Hundred

Here are some different ways you can pray for gospel mission across the UK using the Pray for One Hundred guide.

To mark FIEC's 100th anniversary, we asked churches to tell us what they were doing or planning to share the gospel in their communities.

We aimed for 100 but received more than 150! So, we have now collated a list of more than one hundred different mission projects happening right now across the country. We would love for FIEC churches, and others, to use this list to lift one another up in prayer and to pray for God’s kingdom to grow.

This isn’t everything that FIEC churches are doing but it’s an encouraging snapshot of the gospel opportunities that FIEC churches are grasping.

Here are some ways you can pray for these mission activities:

Use the prayer guide

  • Pray for One Hundred in hand 02

    The Pray for One Hundred guide at the 2022 Leaders' Conference

Every attendee at the 2022 FIEC Leaders’ Conference was given a printed prayer guide that includes 100 projects split into ten categories. The guides are available for FIEC churches to order for free for their congregations.

You could use this book as a personal prayer guide – praying for one church at a time or a whole category. Each church name has a tick box so you can keep a track of who you’ve prayer for.

Interact with our map

The 100 projects from the guide are also plotted on a map on the FIEC website, along with 57 others that were sent in to us but couldn’t be fitted into the printed book.

  • Pf100 website map

    The interactive Pray for One Hundred map

It’s so encouraging to see the spread of mission work across the country in this visual way. Each location marker includes the details of what is happening there, and they can be filtered by area or category or both.

You could use this map to pray for an area of ministry that is close to you, or for an area that you live in or have a heart for.

Use the PrayerMate app

The same 100 mission projects are available to pray for, one per day, as a plan on the PrayerMate app. You can access this on the PrayerMate website or by searching for “FIEC” on the app.

  • Pf100 prayermate feed

    Pray for One Hundred on PrayerMate

Subscribe to this feed and you’ll receive one church to pray for each day in your prayer list on the app.

Follow on Twitter

Similarly, we will be sharing one project per day on Twitter too, collating them on #PrayForOneHundred.

If you use Twitter, follow FIEC on @theFIEC to see the tweets or check out the hashtag for ideas for prayer.

In a church prayer meeting

Praying for mission work across the UK could be a great basis for a church prayer meeting.

  • Pray for One Hundred in hand 01

    Someone holding a Pray for One Hundred booklet

You could split into groups to pray for a category or area each. Or you could give everyone a random number from 1 to 100 to pray for! We've created some slides that you could use to help:

We brought the guides to a prayer meeting at one church and it was great to see people flicking through, making connections with other churches around the country that were featured, and joyfully lifting them up in prayer.

In your small groups

Small groups are a good context to pray for other churches.

Maybe you could take one section each week to pray for alongside your normal prayer time. Or you could share the link on your small group email list or WhatsApp chat to encourage prayer through the week.

Be encouraged to pray

Part of the reason for keeping each project brief is that you want to read every one in one go!

That’s what some of us in the FIEC office did as we put together this guide. It was hugely encouraging to read about the breadth and commitment of churches in their outreach as we did.

We hope the guide will encourage you too that you are not alone and that God is active across Great Britain.

Support others

Perhaps your church is in the position of being able to partner with another?

Nearly all of these projects need funding and local church leaders would be delighted to hear from you about building meaningful partnerships and sharing in the costs.

At the very least, think about how you could let the churches know you have been praying for them!

Get inspiration

The book and online map also work as a bank of ideas for your own church.

Some of the projects will be context-specific or unachievable for you, but there are others that will make you think “we could do that!”

You could even get in touch with the church directly to hear more about it – that would be Fellowship in action!

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