Banning ‘Conversion Therapy’ (Webinar)

How should we respond to the Government's proposals to ban 'conversion therapy' in order to lead our churches, defend our freedoms and protect people?


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One of the challenges churches will be facing when coming out of lockdown is the issue of 'conversion therapy' and the proposals of the Government to ban it, which has the danger of criminalising ordinary gospel ministry in our churches.

In God's providence, this webinar has come at a time when the issue has come to the fore with the resignation of Jayne Ozanne and others from the Government LGBTQ advisory group and the Prime Minister's desire to advance a ban on conversion therapy.

FIEC National Director John Stevens is joined by Sharon James and Simon Calvert from The Christian Institute to address this challenge and think about how church leaders should respond.

0:00 - Bible reflection (Psalm 128): The 'Prosperity Gospel' of Restored Covenant Blessings

5:56 - Banning ‘Conversion Therapy’: Does the Government want to dictate how you preach and pray about sexuality?

34:37 - Q&A

  • How can we make sure we speak as one voice as Christian groups opposed to banning 'conversion therapy'?
  • How can we speak well against 'conversion therapy' as a whole when it might be seen that we are standing for those things we would be absolutely against?
  • How much do you get the impression that this issue is filtering down to the general public?

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Coronavirus update

During the webinar, John Stevens gave an update on the coronavirus lockdown after a meeting with the Minister for Faith during the week.


  • Why would be have restrictions again in the Autumn with how well the vaccination program is going?
  • Will ordinary church meetings (for example AGMs) be allowed after 29 March?

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