Lessons from Lockdown (Webinar)

A webinar and Q&A to think about lessons learned during lockdown, the challenges of decision making, and anticipating lasting change.

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The theme of this webinar is leading into the future and lessons learned during lockdown.

John Stevens, FIEC's National Director, explores lessons that have been learned so far during the coronavirus pandemic and what lasting change church leaders should be anticipating. He is joined by Ray Evans, FIEC's Church Leadership Consultant, who discussed the challenges of decision making as churches move out of lockdown, and how to make them wisely.

00:00 - Bible teaching: How to face trials, James 1:2-8 (John Stevens)

05:14 - The challenges of decision making (Ray Evans)

25:50 - Lessons from lockdown and planning for the future (John Stevens)

39:31 - Anticipating lasting change (John Stevens)

45:21 - Q&A

  • What will be done differently at Grace Community Church (where Ray is a leader)?
  • How do we encourage our churches as a senior pastor if the team dynamic in the church isn't working well?
  • What does resilience and adaptability mean in practice? What if investment hasn't already been made?
  • What is your advice on the use of face coverings/face masks in church meetings?
  • What advice is there for vulnerable people attending services?
  • When might restrictions on meeting indoors at home be changed?
  • Can someone still record music and sing at home or in the church building?

Key comments

  • We need to respect an important Biblical distinction between the secret and revealed will of God (Deutereonomy 29:29) when leading;
  • We need to understand the decisions we are making: right or wrong, wise or unwise, likes or dislikes;
  • We need to trust God for his kind providence;
  • You will have to make difficult decisions: get help when you struggle from brothers and sisters, and from God;
  • Work at HQTBDM: high quality team based decision making.
  • Guidance for places of worship is unlikely to change in the short or medium term;
  • There are many lessons we can learn from ministry in lockdown;
  • There are changes coming that we can begin to anticipate.

To watch or listen to previous webinars, and sign up for future webinars, visit the Leadership in Lockdown page.

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