Unity in Christ

Ephesians 1 speaks of the glorious unity that God will bring about in Christ. What does that look like on the macro and micro levels, and in between?


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Our Local Conferences in 2023 aimed to help church leaders go deeper into the themes of the 2022 Leaders' Conference. They explored the pressing need for direct partnerships between churches, and how we can overcome some of the challenges.

Andy Hunter opened the Liverpool Local Conference by preaching from Ephesians 1, reflecting on the unity involved in God's plan of salvation. How does that unity work out on the macro, universal level, on the micro, individual level, and everywhere in between?

And, although this unity will fully come "when the times reach their fulfilment" (Ephesians 1:10), how can we lean into its truth now in church life?

Unity in action

At the 2022 Leaders' Conference, we interviewed some church leaders who were working together in a display of this unity in Christ.

New Life Church and Banstead Community Church

Ian Williamson, former pastor at New Life Church in Middlesborough, and Dan Green, pastor at Banstead Community Church in Surrey, shared how they are working together across geographical and cultural divides.

Hope Church Ambleside and Parr Street Church

Raymond Lane, pastor at Hope Church Ambleside, and Simon Gregory, pastor at Parr Street Church in Kendal, explained how they have seconded Simon to help with the work in Ambleside.

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