Brave by faith

Brave by Faith (Book Review)

The book of Daniel contains well-known stories alongside strange dreams and visions. Alistair Begg shows us how discovering its message enables us to stand firm and live bravely.

The book of Daniel may contain some of the most familiar stories in the whole Bible, from the fiery furnace to the lion’s den. The challenge with these well-known passages is to ensure they are taught accurately and faithfully. We can make assumptions about the applications because we think we know them.

Alongside these much-loved stories, Daniel also contains some of the least familiar passages. How do we understand the dreams and visions within this book?

Thankfully there are a wealth of books which can help us faithfully understand and teach Daniel. Alistair Begg’s new book Brave by Faith is a wonderful addition to that library.

Brave by Faith takes the first 7 chapters of the book of Daniel and shows us how to connect the stories of God’s people in exile to God’s people living today. Like Daniel and his friends, we find ourselves in an increasingly hostile land. As secularism grows, we find ourselves on the outside more and more wondering how to keep going.

Alistair Begg encourages us that discovering the message of Daniel will help us.

"Brave by Faith shows us how to connect the stories of God’s people in exile to God’s people living today."

He writes, “The overarching message is simply this: God is powerful, and God is sovereign, and even in the face of circumstances that appear to be prevailing against his people, we may trust him entirely”.

As we look to the unchanging character of God we will see how to live as his people. We will be able to stand firm and live bravely.

You can order a copy of Brave by Faith from The Good Book Company for just £5 (RRP £7.99) when you use the code brave1.

I was generously provided with a copy of this book free of charge by the publishers. This hasn’t affected my review.

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