A Legacy to Develop (Part 1): a Vision for Leadership

It is important to be looking to raise up the next generation of leaders. What's got to happen for that to be a reality in church life?

2 Timothy 2:2 could not be clearer: every pastor is an interim pastor. What we have received we are called to deliberately, faithfully and carefully pass on.

In this first of two videos, Ray Evans shares some thought-provoking counsel about developing a culture of training up new leaders in a local church.

This video was produced as part of FIEC's Local Conferences in 2020. For more, including legacies to remember and avoid, you can watch the full Leadership and Legacy series from the Local Conferences.

It would be good to use this video and the questions below with leaders in a local church.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why can it be hard to maintain a vision for leadership which involves bringing on others?
  2. How can we encourage a culture of developing leaders throughout the whole church family?
  3. What challenges have you faced in building training into your timetable?
  4. What special challenges and opportunities in developing leaders are faced by:
    1. Smaller churches?
    2. Larger churches?
  5. How can we train ourselves to spot and develop potential in genuinely younger people?

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