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The Hub 2024

Whether you are exploring the call to ministry or you’ve already started the journey, The Hub is a weekend dedicated to serving you and your church.

Event Details

  • Staverton Park Hotel

    time Fri 12 — Sun 14 January 2024
    marker Staverton Park Hotel, Daventry Road, Daventry, NN11 6JT
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Navigating the journey into Independent church ministry can seem bewildering. There are so many questions to answer and directions to choose.

  • What type of ministry is right for me - pastoral work, youth work, overseas mission, or a more specialised role?
  • Does it have to be full-time or could part-time be an option?
  • What training options are available?
  • Can I just get started?

The Hub Conference is here to help.

In partnership with your church, we invite you to a relaxing weekend with space and time to learn, think, pray, and reflect on what service the Lord may be calling you to.

Experienced Christian leaders and representatives from training institutions will be on hand to answer all of your difficult questions and give one-to-one mentoring and practical seminars.

On top of that, it’s a chance to be fed with great Bible teaching, to meet others at a similar stage on their journey, to browse a bookstall provided by 10ofThose, and to worship our great God together.

This year, our main speaker is Graham Thomson who is leading a church planting work in Yorkshire. He will be preaching from the gospel of Matthew.

  • Graham Thomson large

    Graham Thomson

Graham was a history teacher before helping plant a church in his home town of Huddersfield in 2011. After two years as a ministry apprentice, he was Assistant Pastor for four years, before moving to plant Spen Valley Church in the small post-industrial town of Cleckheaton in 2017. He is also the Yorkshire coordinator of Medhurst Ministries.

Who is The Hub for?

  • It's for men and women considering church ministry to reflect, pray and gain wisdom from those who have done the same.
  • It's for those in training – whether full-time, or part-time alongside a ministry or secular job – to help make the most of this unusual but precious season of life.
  • It's for those looking for a first role to understand the breadth of ministry opportunities within the FIEC and pursue discernment for the next step.
  • For those who are married, it's for spouses to think and pray with us about what the decision to pursue Christian work may mean for you as a couple.

One of 2023's attendees, Matt Horry, wrote about his experience to help you know what to expect.

We offer a reduced rate for married couples because we think it’s really important that you travel on this journey together – so please try and attend alongside your spouse.


There are two seminar slots at The Hub conference. You will need to choose your seminars when you book for the event.

The first selection tackles questions you may have about ministry and training:

Is ministry for me?
For many the most difficult question is working out whether full or part time Christian work is for you. This seminar helps you think through some of the questions you should be asking and how to prayerfully find answers.

Parenting through change
Changing job and location (perhaps more than once in the next few years) can bring stress to a family. How do you parent through these kinds of significant changes? This is a very important practical topic that many young families do not consider.

Independent church ministry
What is so special about ministry in an Independent context? Sometimes Independency is defined by what is not: but we have positive convictions about Independency and the opportunities ministry in this setting affords that we would love to share with you.

Making the most of college
For those who choose residential or part-time college it is important to think about how to make the most of these few years, especially as it relates to involvement in the local church and building a network of friends within the college environment.

Choosing your first post
For those reaching the end of a training period, it can be daunting to make decisions about where to serve next. What kind of role? What kind of church? What location? This seminar is here to help you think through the questions you should be asking and provide ideas for where some of the answers may be found.

So you want to be a leader...
Leadership in the local church is varied and stretching. It's not all preaching and hospital visits. In this seminar, we'll explore the breadth of leadership including what it means to lead an organisation or charity, and work in a team.

The second selection of seminars are focused on establishing disciplines for healthy ministry:

Leadership flourishes when it flows out of a close walk with the Spirit. In this seminar, we will reflect on how a life filled with the fruit of the Spirit not only informs our Christian lives but radically changes our leadership models and enables us to serve with joy.

The Bible is clear that following in Jesus' footsteps is to undertake a life of suffering. What does this look like in ministry and how can we set ourselves up for a lifetime of effective service in the context of having to suffer for Christ?

Too many of those in ministry lack meaningful friendships or under-invest in those they do have. We need to see both the importance of ministry friendships and understand some of the strategies we can use to invest in them.

Ministry is – by definition – about service. We follow the servant King. What does it mean to be a servant leader – shepherding the flock whilst remaining humble and servant-hearted? How do we have the right attitude without becoming a ‘doormat’?

Many people in ministry are left to their own devices. Some tend to laziness. Others tend to overwork. How can we establish healthy patterns of self-discipline that honour the Lord and serve our church and family?

This seminar will help you to give careful thought to your marriage, how church ministry will impact it, and how you can make your marriage flourish. If you’re coming as a couple to the conference then please attend this seminar together.

We don’t have a specific seminar on singleness and ministry, but we recognise that for those who are single, there are particular pressures and challenges. We will ensure that any concerns or questions you have are covered in other ways, for example through the meet-ups we organise.

Venue and cost

We will be gathering at Staverton Park Hotel, near Daventry in Northamptonshire. It's a central location and close to the M1, making it ideal for travel.

Arrival at the conference is from 5pm on Friday 12 January to sit down for a meal at 6pm. The conference will close with lunch on Sunday 14 January and you'll be able to head home by 2pm.

  • Guest Room 6 web

    Hotel bar

  • Guest Room 6

    Hotel guest room

The conference costs £215 per person or £340 for a married couple and includes your accommodation and all your meals.

As a Fellowship, we want to encourage Independent churches to be training the next generation of gospel workers. That’s why we subsidise the cost of this conference and encourage your church to pay for you to attend, or at least contribute significantly towards the cost of doing so. If you haven’t spoken to your church leadership about this, please do so.

Of course, we know that is not always possible. So, if the cost is still prohibitive, please contact Adrian Reynolds, FIEC Head of National Ministries. We don’t want financial issues to prevent anyone from attending and Adrian will deal with enquiries like this in the strictest of confidence.


To book your place, select the button at the bottom of this page and complete the booking form.

Please note that accommodation and all your meals are included in the booking fee.

Please note: You cannot book for The Hub Conference without a reference from one of your church leaders.

Please save the reference form to your computer before you begin filling it in; do not complete it in your browser. Ensure you save the completed form before sending it back.

Mac users: Please complete the form using Adobe Reader and not Mac Preview. You can download Adobe Reader for free from the Adobe website.

Please book early to help us with planning. Booking closes at midnight on Sunday 7 January.

Children Policy

There is no facility for children to be accommodated at The Hub Conference and so couples with children are encouraged to make arrangements with family or friends for childcare during the weekend.

However, if it would be a barrier to attending, babies up to 12 months old may be brought to the conference. Please get in touch to discuss if this is the case.

Event Details

  • Staverton Park Hotel

    time Fri 12 — Sun 14 January 2024
    marker Staverton Park Hotel, Daventry Road, Daventry, NN11 6JT
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