Podcasts for church leaders 2024

Podcasts for Church Leaders (2024 Edition)

If you’re a podcast listener, or you'd like to be, here are some recommendations to help you in your church ministry.

On the commute to the office, on a run, or whilst I’m washing up – I love to redeem the time by listening to experiences, knowledge, and gospel encouragement through podcasts. And a significant part of my job is producing and promoting FIEC’s own podcast, In:Dependence.

I’m often asked for recommendations of what to listen to. There is so much out there, and we ultimately only have a certain amount of time to invest in podcast listening. So, being able to recommend what I have found helpful is always a delight.

Here are some recommendations from me, and some of the other staff at FIEC, of podcasts that have been helpful during 2023 and into the new year.

I pray they will aid you in serving your church and sharing the gospel!

Podcast categories:


Knowing Faith

Kyle Worley, JT English, and Jen Wilkin are three church leaders from the US who feel like friends to me – even though we’ve never met (though we have engaged on social media!). I’ve listened to Knowing Faith for years now (having been recommended it myself) and it’s the first on my list to listen to.

The three hosts do “theology in community” as they go through scriptures and some topics together – exploring their own thoughts on it and learning from each other. They have a great chemistry and clearly love one another – making for an edifying and enjoyable podcast that will inspire you to learn in community more yourself.

Seasons 10 and 11 in 2023 covered the doctrine of Salvation and the beginning of a walk through the book of Exodus.

- Joel Murray (Communications and Media Officer)

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The Reformanda Initiative

The Reformanda Initiative exists to identify, unite, equip, and resource evangelical leaders to understand Roman Catholic theology and practice. Their podcast is very helpful in explaining the Catholic faith: it's educational in terms of understanding and learning about the history of the Catholic faith and helps us to understand the differences between common words we use and what is meant by each in our contemporary world.

I would personally say it's most helpful in explaining how to lovingly communicate the gospel and engage in conversations.

- Kathryn Garvie (Admin Assistant)

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Bible Talk

Episodes of Bible Talk - with pastors Alex Duke, Sam Emadi, and Jim Hamilton – have come to be a regular feature on my podcast list.

Not only has this season synchronized with the Sunday School curriculum I’ve been teaching (learning about David and Saul ahead of the game!) but each episode is thoroughly encouraging and clearly well thought out.

The plan is to go through the entire Bible eventually, exploring each section through the lens of biblical theology to see where it fits into the grand scope of the Bible and where it links to other parts of scripture.

If you’re up for it, start back in Genesis! Or just join for the ride wherever you like.

- Joel Murray (Communications and Media Officer)

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Church ministry

The Church Office

Gavin Smith is the Church Administrator at Christ Church Newport but also runs The Church Office – a ministry that seeks to serve other churches with policy templates and other help behind the scenes.

Part of the ministry is a podcast, also called The Church Office. It was started during lockdown so there are dozens of episodes to listen back to where Gavin shares some of his experiences and what he has learned in more than 18 years of the role. He’s also joined by others to hear their wisdom and experience too.

If you’re a leader who does the admin, this could be a big help. If you are an administrator, this should be on your must-listen list! If you’re in leadership of any sort in the local church, listen in to get a better idea of what the role of administrator is and how it can support gospel ministry across the whole church.

- Joel Murray (Communications and Media Officer)

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gourds & pomegranates

My job is communications, so it's unsurprising that a church communications podcast might end up on this list! But if you've ever considered emails, blogs, live streaming, websites, posters, social media, AI, or photography at church (I hope you have!) then this one is for you.

The hosts are Jo Gallant and Hannah Fleming-Hill: two digital communications professionals based in the UK with experience of working with churches on their communications. They are friendly, helpful, honest, and realise that not every church has a huge budget for communications!

A new season is planned for 2024 featuring guests you'll know (Glen Scrivener, Krish Kandiah, Jo Frost, and Carl Knightly). If you scroll back through the archive you might find other guests you know (me!).

- Joel Murray (Communications and Media Officer)

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You're Not Crazy

If you’re a pastor, especially a young pastor, who is struggling in church ministry which doesn’t seem to live up to what you thought it would be, this podcast is for you. If you are a pastor and feel like ministry is in a bit of a rut and needs a livening freshen up, this is for you!

If you are simply in need of some friendly encouragement as a pastor (who isn’t?), this is for you.

Co-hosts Ray Ortlund and Sam Allberry are pastors in the US (although Sam is certainly British!) and approach the idea of “gospel culture” with passion and care, encouraging church leaders to focus on the gospel and the beauty, and glory, of how it can be worked out in church.

Season three of the podcast has just finished in which they have focused on 2 Timothy over 10 episodes. Read along with them and be encouraged ­­in your ministry.

- Joel Murray (Communications and Media Officer)

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Pastors’ Talk

Many will know and trust 9Marks and their resources to help church leaders and church members see what a biblical church looks like – and to help them become one.

If that is you, then Pastors Talk should be on your podcast feed for sure. It’s a weekly show (running for more than six years now) with a discussion between Jonathan Leeman (Editorial Director) and Mark Dever (President) on all sorts of topics and questions to do with church ministry.

You’ll get to know a bit more of their personality as they careful address different topics and sometimes disagree or have different experiences. It’s a great show and will be very helpful to start conversations in your leadership team.

- Joel Murray (Communications and Media Officer)

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Christian living

Think Biblically

This is a podcast out of Biola University’s Talbot School of Theology in the States, hosted by Sean McDowell and Scott Rae.

It’s always a thought-provoking look at a cultural topic or issue, and although it sometimes needs a bit of translation into the British context, it has helped me to think through toxic masculinity, conspiracy theories and the differing views on social justice in a balanced way over this past year.

Recommended listening!

- Phil Topham (Executive Director)

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Priscilla Talk

Priscilla Talk is described as "a conversation to help women thrive in the local church" hosted by three women: two (Keri Folmar and Jenny Manley) serve in churches in Middle East and one in the US (Erin Wheeler). They discuss theology and doctrine, including the doctrine of God, scripture, salvation and Christ.

They chat about why theology should be accessible to women and how relationships with the Lord will be transformed as a result. There is a series on how to thrive as a Christian woman in various seasons of life, including singleness and loss as well as being newly married, with young children, as an "empty nester" and through the menopause. Each woman shares from her own life, honestly and helpfully. The most recent series is on complementarianism, its biblical basis and how this is worked out in the home and the church.

A highlight is episode 8 "A flight from Afghanistan". This is the story of Shamsia, an Afghan woman, her coming to faith and her life and escape with her family after the fall of Kabul. It is remarkable and inspirational.

- Elinor Magowan (Director for Women’s Ministry)

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Truth Over Tribe

Co-hosts and pastors Patrick Miller and Keith Simon describe this podcast as “too liberal for conservatives, too conservative for liberals” which sounds like a great place to be. I greatly appreciate the aim of this podcast to explore how we can avoid the temptation to put secondary and tertiary differences above the gospel, and the topics and guests they welcome on are relevant and engaging.

In the last year they have tackled abortion, Christian nationalism, Gen Z, the environment, masculinity, artificial intelligence, and the fertility crisis (which I listened to the week before finding out I was expecting my own third child!).

A bit of translation from a US to UK context is needed, but this is a refreshing listen to help reframe and explore big topics from a gospel point of view.

- Joel Murray (Communications and Media Officer)

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The Surprising Rebirth of Belief in God

Since I can remember listening to podcasts, the distinctive voice of Justin Brierley has featured. He’s been hosting conversations between believers and non-believers on Premier Christian Radio for years, with his show making a popular podcast feed too.

He has stepped away from the Unbelievable podcast now, but has told the story of his front-row experience of ‘New Atheisim’ and how it has collapsed over the years in a book and a documentary podcast series.

With news reports, personal experience from Justin, and interviews with Christian and sceptics alike, this series tells the story in a dramatic and captivating way.

The aim is to show how the hardline atheist experiment – captained by Richard Dawkins – hasn’t survived but in fact may have contributed to a resurgence in belief in God going into 2024. Exciting and encouraging!

- Joel Murray (Communications and Media Officer)

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What Happened at First Baptist?

This is the story of First Baptist Church, Jacksonville which was a large and influential church which went through a huge decline, followed by a painful revitalisation to bring them back to health and a renewed commitment to the great commission.

The pastor, Heath Lambert tells the story in seven episodes which originally aired weekly. In addition to the seven story episodes, each week they also released a leadership lessons podcast and then a Q&A podcast. The series concludes with a moving interview between Heath and his wife Lauren.

The first couple of episodes feel very American as they glory in how great and amazing First Baptist Church was. But keep listening: as the story unfolds there are so many valuable and important lessons for pastors and church leaders on leading a church through change.

Heath is very frank about his own mistakes and also speaks candidly of the pain he and his family endured as people told lies about him. It will be a great help in making sense of church difficulties you may have been through and preparing for the time when you may be called to do so.

- Daniel Grimwade (Director for Yorkshire)

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Luther in Real Time

This was first published in 2020, 500 years since Martin Luther was declared a heretic from Pope Leo X himself. In fact, it told the story of Luther, and others involved in the event, to the day of specific events. It was all very exciting!

If you’re interested in church history, then this is a must listen. The audio work, the actors (with recognisable European accents), and the way each episode ends with a cliff hanger or sorts, made for an immersive series of podcast episodes – and you can listen back to them all now.

- Joel Murray (Communications and Media Officer)

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Short form

Things Unseen

This podcast lands five days a week (Monday to Friday) and each episode lasts around six minutes. Each week Sinclair Ferguson takes a theme and develops it in these small bite-sized chunks.

For example, “remember”, “second coming”, “New Year”, “a new affection”, “the faults we fail to notice.” It is great as something to listen to as a thought for the day but, being Sinclair, it is accessible, thought-provoking, heart-stirring, and Christ-focused.

You can start anytime and there is just over a year’s worth of episodes to go through.

- Daniel Grimwade (Director for Yorkshire)

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Seeking Him

One of the resources from Nancy Leigh De Moss’ Revive Our Hearts is this devotional podcast. She calls it “bite-sized Bible teaching” - with each episode just one minute in length.

These will be helpful for women – especially women in ministry – for daily encouragement or to pass on to others to love and support them.

- Elinor Magowan (Director for Women's Ministry)

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Ask Pastor John

This was probably the first podcast I ever started listening to regularly back in my days as a student and it is now heading fast towards episode number 2,000.

Twice a week John Piper is presented with a listener-submitted question or issue which is responded to with biblical references and decades of experience. Sometimes directly in the studio, sometimes through a sermon clip from the past.

The podcast is helpful to get an idea of some of the issues people are facing and how you could go about responding in a biblical and godly way.

- Joel Murray (Communications and Media Officer)

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