Leaders who follow

Leaders Who Follow (Book Review)

Leaders Who Follow is a superb book. If all disciples could read it, all leaders must!


Because it is all about Jesus. And leadership, as Andy Mason reminds us, is all about him too.

A journey with Jesus

In nine terrific chapters, we are taken on a journey with Jesus through key points in Luke and John’s gospels. Each one emphasises how, as disciples and leaders, we must trust and follow our saviour, king, and lord. So, Following, Loving, Depending on, Feeding on, Proclaiming, Slaving for, Longing for, Knowing, and Seeing Jesus are the headings through which he brings each and every Christian leader into the presence of the risen Lord and his will for us.

In a sense, you could think "I have heard all this before" as you read the familiar passages Andy unfolds. But, you could also profoundly and gloriously sense “your heart burning within you” (Luke 24:32) at the sheer grace, splendour, and magnificence of the Saviour he portrays before you. Every chapter points every leader to the all-sufficient grace of Christ.

Leadership that speaks about him

If all Christians need this, then leaders need it above all. Unless we depend on him, sense his mercy, and feel his concerns, then our leadership will speak more about us than him, and will inevitably be a (massive) let-down to both ourselves and those we lead.

Andy doesn’t uncover those false, deceitful, self-serving motives that plague us to condemn, but to “wound to heal”. He is honest about himself so he can speak directly to you and me. Rich mercy is all over this book, for it is about the one who is first and foremost our saviour.

So, it is not leadership hints and tips, skill acquisition and enhancement, or organisational insights - valid as some of those things may be. It is about the lover of our souls who paid the price our sinful hearts owed to bring us peace with God and new life in him. Experiencing that, by believing his word, will keep you humble, devout, and gladly serving his cause, not (subtly) your own.

There are some wonderful quotes full of spiritual and leadership insight from my favourite ‘friend’ John Newton, wise Tim Keller and Dane Ortlund references, a helpful Spurgeon saying, and some C.S. Lewis illustrations. But it is mainly and simply the author telling us about the Scriptures that speak all about the lovely Lord Jesus. And how rejuvenating is that?

Soul-refreshing views of Jesus will enable you to serve as the Christian and leader he wants you to be. It is the great leadership issue we all must grapple with beyond all others.

This is a great leadership book. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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