God of all things

God of All Things (Book Review)

Andrew Wilson has written a simple but profound book that will do you the world of good.

What do tired, beleaguered, weary, low, struggling leaders need? An extra dose of Bavinck before bedtime? Perhaps an audiobook of the Greek New Testament? Or even a seventy-part podcast series on the filioque clause. All perhaps have their place. Somewhere.

But if you put yourself in the category of weary leader, you instead need a little soul tonic. You need someone to preach the gospel simply to your soul. You need someone to lift up before you the ‘ordinary’ things of God and remind you that God is never ordinary, and his creation is a wonderfully rich picture of the greatness and glory of his name.

That’s exactly what Andrew Wilson’s new book, God of All Things, does.

Andrew is the teaching pastor at King’s Church London (based in Lewisham) and is a well-known author and speaker. His latest book takes 30 ordinary ‘things’ (from trumpets to honey via one or two pots) and helps you understand them biblically.

What is their significance? What do they teach us about God, the gospel, and ourselves? How do they fill our hearts with praise and cause us to gape in wonder?

Each chapter is short (I’ve read one a day over the last month as part of my morning devotions), biblically saturated, engagingly written, and deeply meaningful. Like many others, I’ve been all those adjectives above over the last few months. But this book has been a tonic for my soul.

Indeed, the greatest accolade a book could have is that I’ve gladly passed it on and bought copies for other leaders. As you perhaps prepare to go on holiday this summer and wonder what deep theological tome to take, can I urge you to add this to the top of your pile and make it your priority?

And if – as a result - Bavinck et al don’t see the light of the day this camping trip, they’ll be there the next.

And – bonus points – your soul will have been stirred.

You can order a copy of God of All Things from The Good Book Company (£10.99) or 10OfThose (£9.99).

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