Finding my father

Finding My Father (Book Review)

Blair Linne’s personal story of fatherlessness is compelling, instructive, and insightful. A must-read to help you disciple hurting brothers and sisters.

Recently, at a baptismal service, one of the women being baptised said: “I may have had an absent father in my life, but that is okay as I know that my heavenly Father is a perfect father, and it is him and only him that has made me the person that I am today.”

In this Finding My Father, Blair Linne describes her own story of growing up with her father far away. The impact on her is described movingly. Blair writes: “Studies show that poverty, teen pregnancy, obesity, drug and alcohol use, criminal activity, infant mortality, and behavioural problems are all linked to fatherlessness. And this doesn’t even begin to get to the spiritual problems”.

This would be a depressing book if it finished there but Blair encourages the reader to move forward. She testifies: “Jesus frees us from any need to pretend… God has created a panacea that takes our broken pieces and makes them into something else entirely”.

Blair’s personal story is compelling and contains some unexpected twists and turns. It is also instructive and gives insight, as she weaves in theology and practical biblical instruction that is applicable to us all.

Blair encourages readers to “lament, repent, and hope” and describes how grace found her. She describes our heavenly Father whose love is inexhaustible, whose presence is permanent, who delights to give perfect gifts, and who is committed to our upbringing. Blair writes about the value of mentoring for her, for her husband, and for them together.

Describing how she manages day by day, Blair says: “By God’s grace I have committed to pray for my parents, to seek accountability, to journal my thoughts, to seek out a counsellor when it feels like too much to handle on my own, to meditate upon forgiveness…and lastly, to hold on to the promises of God that I find in his word.” She also says “Grace that overcame your sin is sufficient to go to work in your circumstances, whatever they are.”

Blair’s husband, Shai, writes a chapter on “Becoming the Dad I never had”.

"Blair's personal story is instructive and gives insight, as she weaves in theology and practical biblical instruction that is applicable to us all."

The book concludes by looking forward. “We are on our way home, and we are not there yet. But one day we will be…There is a family dynamic in heaven that consists of God the Father, Jesus our elder brother, and redeemed humanity - us - as siblings all being fuelled by the Holy Spirit. We will legit live happily ever after with our family. And this is no fairy-tale”.

I recommend this book to gain valuable insight into the heartache of fatherlessness, and as a reminder of God’s goodness, purposes and plan. There is helpful wisdom to be applied personally and inspiration to be committed to the discipleship of hurting brothers and sisters.

As a woman in ministry, this is challenging, encouraging, and inspiring.

You can order a copy of Finding My Father from The Good Book Company for £6 (RRP £8.99) using the code fiecfather.

I was generously provided with a copy of this book free of charge by the publishers. This hasn’t affected my review.

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