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What’s New in Safeguarding?

A seminar given by Paul & Sue Harrison from Christian Safeguarding Services at our 2018 Leaders' Conference.

This seminar examines current changes in safeguarding and their implications for churches. It will explore legislation, guidance and expectations as well as the social and political climate in which we find ourselves. Paul and Sue will also help us to understand what’s being said about Spiritual Abuse and to think through safeguarding as an outworking of our gospel principles.

Paul is a preaching Elder at Grace Church in Loughborough and also runs a training & consultancy company specialising in safeguarding. Sue manages the Learning & Development team in Leicestershire County Council and also serves at Grace Church Loughborough in worship, pastoral support and hospitality. Together, Paul & Sue have developed Christian Safeguarding Services (CSS) to support churches and other faith-based organisations to achieve best practice in safeguarding.

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