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From Rotas to Teams

Why is it important to move from church rotas to ministry teams?

This is the first part of an informal discussion about church growth and leadership between three experienced pastors: Ray Evans (Grace Community Church Bedford & FIEC Church Leadership Consultant), Paul Rees (Charlotte Chapel Edinburgh) and Michael Teutsch (Highfields Church Cardiff).

Some discussion questions:

  1. How are your ministries organised: everyone doing a little, or a few doing everything, or do you have teams in place? Do any of your ministries ever ‘step back’ and really reflect on how things could be done better?
  2. If you are a senior leader or a sole pastor, describe to someone else the training you are giving those involved in leading any kind of small group. How effective is it?
  3. How are you wired along the optimist/pessimist, and then the introvert/extrovert, spectrum? Do you see ways in which this affects your ministry and any teams you lead?

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