An Even Playing Field to Share the Bible

An Even Playing Field to Share the Bible

The Word One to One provides an opportunity for Christians to confidently share the word of God with their friends and family.

I first heard about The Word One to One at an FIEC conference in Hemsby, where we were told (as the mirror ball turned slowly above the presenter’s head) that everyone would be given free copies.

If I’m completely honest, I was a bit terrified by the concept and gave my books to my husband to take home where they duly sat on the shelf for safe keeping.

Fast forward 7 or 8 years, I now have the privilege of working for The Word One to One in a freelance research capacity and have even used the books myself, convinced that the shelf is the last place they should remain.

The Word One to One

The Word One to One is a ministry that seeks to support Christians in sharing the Bible with those around them. They believe that reading God’s word is the most powerful way to introduce people to who God is and help people explore a relationship with Jesus.

The team at The Word One to One explain: “The Bible is Jesus’ living, active word. It’s the place where he shows us who he is most clearly and the way he works in our lives most powerfully. So, all we need to do is open it with our friends, explore what it says about him together, and trust that God will work in their hearts by his Spirit, through his word!”

The Word One to One have developed a resource that enables people to do just this: taking the reader through John’s gospel (and now also Acts) with helpful notes and simple explanations along the way. The text is easy to read and is split up in a series of ‘episodes’ so that you can read a short section of verses at a time and reflect on what they reveal about Jesus.

The idea is that both the Christian and their guest have the same information, literally “sharing” the Bible, reading what it says and then talking about it.

This is not a Bible study with questions to test understanding. It's an even playing field and one which aims to take the pressure away from the Christian feeling they need to have all the answers.

Encouraged by experience

I have recently had the opportunity to speak to a variety of people who have used The Word One to One to share the Bible with non-Christians.

It has been a wonderfully encouraging experience to hear their testimonies as they describe how they have seen the power of the word of God in action. The outcome can be truly awe-inspiring.

One lady said: “I could literally see her eyes opening as we went through the Bible - that was just amazing!”

Another lady said: “We’re told this aren’t we: all we have to do is play our part, the Holy Spirit will already have done and will do the rest. And he certainly had in this case! So, I was clearly pushing on a door that had already half opened – that’s how it started!”

In John’s gospel, the person of Jesus literally walks in on the first page, and the conversation begins about who he is, what he came to do, and what that means for us.

In my research, I was able to speak to many people in different contexts: from retirees sharing the Bible over coffee and cake in the garden, to busy school mums sharing before the school run, and professionals scheduling a slot over lunchtime with a colleague.

In each case, a key driver was relationship: when we are connected to others and want them to know the truth about the peace found in a relationship with the Lord Jesus, we want to find a way of sharing that message. The Word One to One is a clear, helpful, and user-friendly way to do just that.

And what’s the worst that can happen? The person says no (and several have to me). That’s it. No drama, no prison sentence, no vilification. It’s likely the relationship won’t even be impacted.

But wait: what if they say yes? They could be one step closer to new life, open eyes and hearts, salvation in Jesus!

The Word One to One is available in books, online, and as an app.

So, what are we waiting for?

Get started with The Word One to One

If you are interested in finding out more about The Word One to One, they have a wealth of information and resources available on their website.

There are training videos and events to help you get started and a host of testimony videos from normal people, sharing stories of their experiences, that might just spur you on to give it a go.

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