Slowing down for thrive

Slowing Down for Thrive

Our annual retreat for women in ministry had more bookings than ever this year. Among those in attendance was Sarah Angell and we asked her to fill us in on this year’s Thrive.

I didn’t think I’d make it to Charney Manor this year because everything has been hectic. But, in the end I decided I was too busy not to Thrive!

Life is run at such a pace, and Thrive is a chance to slow down for couple of days and catch up with yourself. This year I needed to do just that.

Although there’s a structure to Thrive, there’s a lot of free time to sit and chat or go for a wander in the beautiful surroundings. I particularly value the fact that we’re not always rushing to the next thing.

Every time I’ve attended the retreat the weather has been Mediterranean. So, we sit outside, eat amazing cookies and sip fruit infused water or have a cuppa – it’s just great to spend a couple of days unwinding.

We were well fed too – physically and spiritually.

One Thing

FIEC Women’s Ministry Co-ordinator Elinor Magowan was great to listen to and just what I needed as she unpacked the theme of ‘One Thing’. We looked firstly at David in Psalm 27 and her message made me long for an intimacy with God that David had.

Secondly, she looked at John 9 at the man born blind. “Once I was blind but now I see” encouraged me to remember the wow of my own salvation, being confident in Christ and therefore not being ashamed to share the Gospel. Then lastly in Philippians 3, I was challenged to live with my eyes fixed on my eternal home - not trapped in the here and now.

Elinor left me wanting to know Christ better and serve Him more fully.

We had small groups to discuss, share our hearts with and pray together. That was great, as I spent time with people I didn’t really know and maybe wouldn’t have got to know so well. We shared difficulties and disappointments, new ideas and encouragements.

I also enjoyed the reports that were shared. They were very different, and it was good to hear what the Lord’s doing all over the country.

For me, Thrive was the time of refreshment I needed and I left Charney Manor ready to face the battle again. I’m looking forward to next year already!

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