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How Should I Respond to Criticism?

As a ministry wife you can be acutely aware of criticism of your husband and his ministry that may escalate into conflict in the church. You may experience criticism too – or your children may be criticised.


This can affect you in a different way to your husband, although criticism and conflict will affect him too. You may feel confused, fearful, disillusioned, hurt, and upset. It can affect your own walk with the Lord.

You may ask “Why, when we are sacrificially serving, are we recipients of such harsh words, unkind looks and lack of appreciation?” To experience criticism and any conflict from within the family of faith is distressing.

It is a battle to respond in a godly way. God’s Word, the help of the Holy Spirit and the comfort Christ provides are what we need. When we go to the Lord and pour out our hearts to him, he does meet with us and provide comfort, strength and help.

The following resource, along with other answers for ministry wives, can be downloaded and printed to be discussed with other ministry wives, reflected on individually, or worked through by husbands and wives together.

We trust that the material and the practical pointers, prayerfully engaged with, will encourage and equip ministry wives to serve to God’s glory: for their own growth in godliness, the strengthening of ministry marriages, and the growth of God’s church.

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You can find out more about this series in the introduction video below.

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