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How Can I Be Content as a Ministry Wife?

There are many challenges in ministry that threaten our contentment as ministry wives. When we encounter difficulties that affect us deeply, Paul directs us to Christ.


“Contentment is the inward, gracious, quiet spirit that joyfully rests in God’s providence.” - Erik Raymond, Chasing Contentment (Crossway, 2017), p23.

But what should we do when financial restraints in ministry make it hard to be content in a materialistic society, or when the sacrifices we make turn into weeds of resentment and bitterness?

We need to seek joy in Christ as we pursue contentment in our own hearts. In Philippians, Paul helps us see our secure status, surpassing satisfaction, and sufficient strength in Christ.

The following resource, along with other answers for ministry wives, can be downloaded and printed to be discussed with other ministry wives, reflected on individually, or worked through by husbands and wives together.

We trust that the material and the practical pointers, prayerfully engaged with, will encourage and equip ministry wives to serve to God’s glory: for their own growth in godliness, the strengthening of ministry marriages, and the growth of God’s church.

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You can find out more about this series in the introduction video below.

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