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Investing in the Ministry of Music

Colin Webster gives a seminar to help church leaders develop the music ministry in their church.

Around 40% of a Sunday service is taken up by sung worship, but how aware are leaders of the benefits and importance of this word-based ministry? How can it be better valued and resourced so that it helps you and your congregation to exalt God and encourage one another in faith? This seminar looks to explore some of the theological benefits of our sung worship, touching on some of the struggles that pastors face in planning services, choosing songs and developing & encouraging a worship team.

Recorded at our 2017 Leaders’ Conference.

Colin Webster is one of the ministers at Cornerstone Church in Nottingham where he has served on the staff team for more than 21 years. He has led worship for most of his Christian life, both at the local church level as well as at national conferences such as Keswick Convention and Word Alive. He also writes worship songs with Phil Moore which are helping to resource churches. These are available at Colin is married to Vicki and they have two teenage sons.

Please note that some of the questions and interactions may have been edited because they were not picked up by the microphone.

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