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Discipleship involves more than imparting knowledge. The gospel needs to move from head to heart to hands for every Christian. This is the sort of training we want to see happening in all of our churches.

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FIEC Training aims to provide the resources, advice, financial help and pastoral support needed for churches and individuals to be discipled and equipped for the task of living for Christ and bringing the gospel to our nation and world.

If our family of churches is to thrive it will mean encouraging, equipping and assisting local church leadership in the vital task of training and discipling their members. The gospel needs to move from head to heart to hands for every Christian, and that involves growing in knowledge, godliness and service. FIEC seeks to help the local church in this vital task by sharing the expertise and resources represented within our family of churches.

Pastors, evangelists, women’s workers, church planters, children & youth workers, cross-cultural workers and more are needed if we are to play our part in bringing the gospel to the nation. We have faith that it is from the ‘seed bed’ of healthy churches that the Lord will raise up future generations of gospel workers. But these men and women will need clearly planned routes and possibly financial help if they are to transition into further training and, beyond that, into ministry. Working in partnership with colleges, church-based training schemes to provide access to the best resources, coupled to financial help, are all part of our plans to deliver practical training and support to the men and women the Lord raises up from FIEC Churches.

For those at the start of vocational ministry we have The Hub Conference; a unique opportunity to learn more about training, get advice and connect with others in similar situations. However, once in ministry, men and women need continued development to sustain them for the long term. We therefore understand the need for on-going training, pastoral refreshment and theological stimulation, all of which make more sense when done together as FIEC churches. In these ways and more, FIEC Training seeks to play its part in keeping leaders and churches healthy and vibrant.

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    The Hub Conference

    There has never been a clear 'route' into ministry for men and women from FIEC Churches, let alone a means of fellowship, networking and identity for those wishing to be trained for Independent church ministry. Now there is: it’s called The Hub Conference.

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