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Practical Services

The Charity Commission. Property law. Employment regulations. Child protection. These things often fill churches with dread and distract them from the ministry they should be doing. We want to help.

FIEC Practical Services supports the work of FIEC. FIEC is all about growing gospel-driven churches and that is our passion too. We help churches with the practical aspects of doing church.

Most growing churches will need legal assistance at some point in their lives and its important they get the right sort of help from people who understand all the issues. Independent churches, in particular, often struggle with the sheer volume, variety and complexity of the legal issues they face.

  • “How do churches obey the law whilst also obeying God’s word?”
  • “How can churches use legal compliance to adorn the gospel they preach?”
  • “How can the law help churches show their love for brothers and sisters and outsiders?”
  • “How do I find time to research legal best practice when I have an urgent gospel message to proclaim?”

That’s why FIEC Practical Services exists.

We are a team of Christian solicitors and experts who not only understand the law but also understand how Independent churches operate and the unique issues they face.

If you’re an FIEC affiliated church, you can get 30 minutes free legal advice on any new enquiry by calling the Practical Services Advice Line on 01858 411 569. Make sure you check the FAQs section of our website first though as we have lots of helpful answers there.

Click here to see a complete list of our advice resources.

FIEC Practical Services is the trading name of The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches Limited (FIEC Ltd.), of which the Chairman of the Board is John Stevens (FIEC National Director). FIEC Ltd. is a Registered Charity in England and Wales No. 251395, a Company incorporated in England No. 225717, and a Charity Registered in Scotland SC039913.

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    Clarifying who we are, what we do and how we can help you.

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    Our model documents are a very cost effective way of getting quality legal documents, carefully tailored for churches by our team of Christian solicitors and experts.

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    Churches operate in an increasingly regulated environment. In order to grow, churches need to operate in legally responsible ways whilst maintaining their biblical convictions. To help churches work through this minefield, we have produced a range of articles on legal and practical issues.

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