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Working cross-culturally

The reality of multicultural Britain means that we now have the world on our doorstep. World mission begins at home.

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The UK is a glorious patchwork quilt of cultures; whether they be shaped by class, religion, ethnicity, education or housing. We believe that churches are called upon to engage with all sections of society, modelling the grace of Christ wherever we can. That means we need to challenge ourselves over our cultural blind-spots and rise up to the challenge of reaching across divisions. We believe that variety, not uniformity, best reflects the power of the gospel.

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    Church planting

    The planting of new churches is one of the best ways of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Grace-filled church communities have a major impact upon fractured and lonely people.

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    The role and work of an ‘evangelist’ has been overlooked by many Christians, or else it has been too broadly defined and understood to the exclusion of those so gifted. The reality is that evangelists are integral to local church life - and we need more of them.

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    Church in the community

    "Evangelism or social action?" We believe that question is an unhelpful one. Christians should be work hard to be a blessing as they share both the gospel and their lives with their neighbours.

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    The global family

    Every local church needs a global heart. The alternative simply isn't biblical. We want to help churches to be equipped for the global challenge.