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What do you do if your church has no one who wants to be a trustee or has experience of property? Who do you need to contact if you change your trustees?

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One of the main services offered by FIEC Practical Services is that of being property holding trustee. The advantage of having a property holding trustee is that the property of the church remains held by a corporate body and the church does not have to constantly update the Land Register each time trustees are replaced. This can often be an expensive process especially if it occurs two or three times a year due the death or resignation of trustees.

FIEC Practical Services can hold property in trust for your church. The church officers or managing trustees can then get on with the day to day business of running the church.

Further, by appointing FIEC Practical Services as property holding trustee, a secondary layer of security is provided for the church. As FIEC Practical Services will be the legal owners of the church’s property we will be in a unique position to advise the church on issues which may affect the property, or be able to guide the church through complex problems such as VAT in relation to building projects.

At all times FIEC Practical Services will seek to carry out the instructions of the church officers except in a situation where to do so would be a breach of law. We will always seek to give alternative advice and options which church officers may not have thought open to them.

If you wish to discuss the benefits of FIEC Practical Services becoming your church property holding trustee and the costs involved then please speak with Neal Patterson on 01858 411558 or email

Above are links to download Guidance Note 1 (the process to appoint FIEC Practical Services as holding trustee), Guidance Note 2 (the relationship between FIEC Practical Services and the church), and the application form to request FIEC Practical Services be appointed as property holding trustee for your church.

FIEC Practical Services is the trading name of The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches Limited (FIEC Ltd.). FIEC Ltd. is a Registered Charity in England and Wales No. 251395, a Company incorporated in England No. 225717, and a Charity Registered in Scotland SC039913.

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