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Supporting pastors

Our Pastors’ Network exists to provide support and encouragement to serving pastors of Independent churches resident in the UK. Its aim is to help to uphold biblical standards, and to stimulate a pastor’s spiritual development in a way that will enhance effectiveness in gospel ministry for the long-term.

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The Pastors’ Network is based on the following convictions drawn from the New Testament:

  • Churches should be led by men who submit to the authority of God’s word, love the Lord Jesus Christ wholeheartedly and desire to call and equip men, women and young people to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
  • Pastors are graciously given by the risen Lord Jesus to lead and equip his church.
  • Aspiring to be a pastor is to desire a noble task; to be called to be a pastor is a high calling.
  • The health of the church is determined to a large degree by the health of its pastors and leaders.

Our Pastors’ Network exists to develop your effectiveness in gospel ministry for the long-term. We seek to uphold biblical standards and stimulate spiritual health by providing:

ACCREDITATION for ministry

Being formally recognised by an established body of churches lends credibility to pastors in our increasingly suspicious world. A regular email newsletter from the Pastoral Ministries Director, called Network News is sent to all members. It announces all new members of the Network, and provides articles and links to useful events/resources.


We’re all fallen and in danger of spiritual or moral failure. An important aim of the Pastors’ Network is to provide a measure of personal accountability across our family of church leaders and we seek to achieve this by assigning every new Network member a local Link Pastor who can pick up on their needs and circumstances as quickly as possible.

ACCESS to ministry care

It is a sad reality that many men and their wives are desperate for support and encouragement from peers outside of their own immediate church context who understand the demands and pressures of ministry. It is therefore our desire to link up members of the Pastors’ Network with pastors in their locality, to encourage a ‘band of brothers’ culture.

The Pastors’ Network organises annual regional day conferences for pastors and their wives. These conferences are designed to provide spiritual nourishment and build supportive pastoral networks. Find out about upcoming conferences.

The Pastors’ Network serves pastors of Independent churches who are resident in the UK.  So if you’re not part of the Pastors’ Network but would value this partnership then get in touch with us.

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    Accreditation for ministry

    Through membership of the Pastors’ Network we accredit individuals so that churches can be assured of their character and gifting. Accreditation also affirms the theological, moral and spiritual standards of such men.

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    Jobs Noticeboard

    Finding suitable gospel workers for church vacancies can be hard – especially for Independent churches. Which is why we provide a public page on our website where FIEC affiliated churches can advertise details of any ministry opportunities.

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    Revitalising churches

    Church Revitalisation’s Mission is “To enable struggling churches to become centres of gospel ministry and growth”. We want them to rediscover their gospel vision and grow into healthy and vibrant communities of believers.

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    Women in ministry

    We believe that women have been given all sorts of ministry gifts, and that our churches are poorer if these gifts are not developed and used. That’s why we want to grow our network of women serving in our churches to connect them for mutual support and encouragement.