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Public engagement

We are determined to protect the liberties of our churches to preach the gospel and practice their faith in the public sphere.

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FIEC is able to represent the concerns and opinions of its family of churches at a national level to government, regulatory authorities and the media. We speak on behalf of over 500 churches on issues of public and social policy, ethics and religious freedom.

We are willing to work with other churches, denominations and religious faiths as co-belligerents on issues of social policy and public morality, provided that this does not compromise our witness to the uniqueness of Christ and truth of the gospel. We will advocate for government to pursue social justice nationally and internationally, but oppose the introduction of legislation which might harm the vulnerable and incapable, such as euthanasia.

At present we are supporting the Coalition for Marriage petition, which urges the government not to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples. In the recent past we have campaigned successfully to prevent the government legislating to regulate the employment rights of pastors.

We will help our churches to respond to the challenges of a pluralistic and post-Christian society, drawing on the traditions of tolerance developed in historic non-conformity. This work will be undertaken by our National Director in conjunction with our Theological Team and a newly formed Social Policy Team. If there are issues of concern that you think ought to be addressed by the FIEC you should contact the National Director.

We will also work to enable our family of churches to have a voice in the media which will enable their views to be fairly represented.

  • Together magazine primary image

    Together magazine

    Together is our supporter magazine. Published twice a year it includes updates from FIEC and its churches to encourage us to pray and support one another as we work together to reach Britain for Christ.

  • Primer primary image


    Published by FIEC, Primer is designed to help those in church leadership stay theologically sharp and engaged.

  • Envisioning independency

    We’re not ashamed about being a Fellowship of Independents. Neither do we think it’s a contradiction. We're driven by our biblical convictions.

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    Evangelical issues

    We are very aware that FIEC is not the only group of evangelical churches in the UK, and that our nation will not be reached for Christ by any single family of churches alone. We highly value good working relationships with other evangelicals who share our gospel convictions.

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    Regional identity

    Each part of Great Britain has its own culture with particular challenges and blessings. That’s why we encourage FIEC churches to partner together on gospel initiatives in their region – it helps them to reflect the specific needs of their location.

  • Scotland

    We recognise that the challenges of ministering the gospel are different in different parts of Great Britain. It’s for that reason that we appointed FIEC Scotland Director Andy Hunter.

  • Wales

    In 2015 we gathered together pastors from our churches across Wales to discuss how FIEC can best serve the gospel across the country.