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Model documents

How do you draw up a contract of employment? What information needs to be in your church governing document? What kind of agreement do you need in place if we want to rent out church property?

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Church Governing Documents

In order to provide as much assistance as possible to independent evangelical churches we have produced a number of model documents and information packs. Our model constitution is approved for use as a governing document by the Charity Commission. This is of great advantage in terms of registering your church as a charity with the Charity Commission. We also have a set of church rules which are drafted to complement the model constitution.

Property Related Documents

The use of church property and the relationship between the owner of the property and the user should be set out in a document. We have model documents in place which allow outside groups to use church premises for specific one off events or for longer periods of time.

We have a model Service Occupancy Agreement for churches to issue to their pastor with regards to the manse which he may occupy for the duration of his service to the church. Alternatively, if the manse is unoccupied and churches wish to generate income from the unoccupied manse, we have a model Assured Shorthold Tenancy pack available which provides detailed information on the requirements of church officers should they wish to let church property like a manse on a residential tenancy. The pack also includes the model resolution which is required under Section 117 of the Charities Act 2011 and the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement which should be entered into setting out the relationship between the Landlord and Tenant.

Employment Documents

Terms of employment between church and church workers should also be set out. We have a full employment pack giving guidance on a range of employment issues which may affect the church or the employee including information on maternity and paternity rights, retirement and sickness policies. The pack also includes a full contract of employment which the church may use.

Costs and Information

The costs of the various information packs and model documents are set out below. (These fees cover the provision of the model documents which the church can then use for its own purposes. Where you would like us to provide advice on the documents, our staff hourly rates will apply for the advice provided.)

Model Governing Documents

i) Charitable Unincorporated Association

a. CUA Constitution

  • Up to 20 Members
  • 20 to 50 Members
  • Over 60 Members

b. CUA Rules - £75

ii) Charitable Incorporated Organisation

a. CIO Constitution (and rules where applicable) - £250

Please note that there are different types of CIOs. Contact us for more information.

Other Model Documentation

  • Licence for outside group to use church rooms
  • Venue hire agreement for specific event
  • Residential tenancy (AST)
  • Agreement for pastor to occupy manse
  • Employment pack for church workers
  • Office holder pack
  • Model equal opportunities statement

NB. These fees cover the provision of the model documents which the Church can then use for its own purposes. Where you would like us to provide advice on the documents, the staff hourly rates will apply for the advice provided. All costs for model documents are subject to VAT at 20%

For any further information on the model documents we offer or to request model documents please contact Emma Shirtcliffe on 01858 411569 or email

FIEC Practical Services is the trading name of The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches Limited (FIEC Ltd.). FIEC Ltd. is a Registered Charity in England and Wales No. 251395, a Company incorporated in England No. 225717, and a Charity Registered in Scotland SC039913.

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