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Ministry Introductions

Through Ministry Introductions we provide a unique meeting point for Independent churches seeking new gospel workers and for individuals seeking a new sphere of ministry.

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Christian ministry is both the greatest challenge and the highest privilege on earth; it’s how God shepherds and grows his church. Local churches usually see the need for full-time gospel ministers to care for the congregation. But finding suitable gospel workers can be hard – especially for Independent churches.

Which is why we have Ministry Introductions.

Ministry Introductions is not a replacement for the discipleship and training that should be at the heart of every church. There isn’t a factory somewhere that grows an abundance of gospel workers. But sometimes a church may want to find a gospel worker to address specific needs or bring the blessing of other gifts and experiences. So it’s a good idea for us as a family of like-hearted Independent churches to see how we can help one another.

Ministry Introductions consists of two distinct services:

  • Pastoral Introductions

    This is a confidential service for FIEC affiliated churches that are looking for a pastor, associate pastor or assistant pastor, and for men who are looking for a pastoral vacancy.

    Pastoral Introductions provides a way for churches and men to initially meet online and then move forward as together they discern God’s leading. As part of this, both individuals and churches sign-up to a Code of Practice that promotes courtesy, integrity and efficiency in the search process.

    All men wanting to take advantage of this service must be members of our Pastors’ Network. This helps to ensure that they are godly and gifted with the potential to be effective church leaders. Once an individual has then been approved for Pastoral Introductions, they gain access to a private list of pastoral vacancies. Likewise, approved FIEC churches are given access to a list of men currently looking for ministry opportunities.

    If you represent a church wanting to take advantage of Pastoral Introductions then you can find out more here.

    If you’re a man who wants to find out more about Pastoral Introductions then click here.

  • Jobs Noticeboard

    We also provide a public page on our website where FIEC affiliated churches can post details of other ministry opportunities, such as women’s workers, youth & children’s workers, apprentices and administrators.

    You can view the Jobs Noticeboard here.

If you have questions about either of these services then please do get in touch.

  • Revitalising churches primary image

    Revitalising churches

    Whilst many gospel churches grow through a wise, faithful and creative missional mindset, the reality is that a number of churches experience numerical decline for a number of varying reasons. The gospel heart remains, but the strength and vitality to carry out that work has diminished over the years.

  • National Support Team primary image

    National Support Team

    Our National Support team is made up of experienced pastors from across the country. The team works alongside Richard Underwood in strategic areas of Pastoral support.

  • Ministry Networks primary image

    Ministry Networks

    Proverbs 27v17 can sometimes be overused, but it still remains true: “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” We see an immense wealth of gifts and experiences amongst those who minister in our churches. If we can connect these people in meaningful ways – for support, inspiration and training – then our churches will greatly benefit. But how can we do that effectively?

  • Accreditation

    Through our Pastors’ Network we seek to commend individuals so that churches can be assured of their character and gifting.

  • Women in ministry primary image

    Women in ministry

    We believe that women have been given all sorts of ministry gifts, and that our churches are poorer if these gifts are not developed and used.

  • Caring for smaller churches

    The Lord Jesus loves local churches irrespective of their size. However, smaller churches can be vulnerable and stand in need of particular love and care.

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