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Evangelical issues

We are very aware that FIEC is not the only group of evangelical churches in the UK, and that our nation will not be reached for Christ by any single family of churches alone. We highly value good working relationships with other evangelicals who share our gospel convictions.

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Wherever possible we seek to support gospel initiatives organised by those who would happily affirm our Doctrinal Basis, whether at a local or national level. FIEC is one of the largest constituent members of Affinity, which exists to express the unity of independent churches and evangelical denominations in the United Kingdom. Our National Director is a member of the Affinity Leadership Group.

We have strong relationships with conservative evangelical Anglicans and the regional Gospel Partnerships, and we work in partnership with many evangelical para-church organisations. Our National Director is serving as the co-chair of the A Passion for Life Mission for 2014. We are also fostering closer friendship and mutual understanding with organisations such as the Evangelical Alliance and other church groupings.

We also see it as one of FIEC’s responsibilities to provide theological leadership to independent churches by promoting and publishing high quality research and teaching on biblical ecclesiology, current areas of theological controversy affecting evangelicalism, and practical help on pastoral issues. This work is undertaken by the FIEC Theological Team and through the teaching and writing ministry of our National Director. Please do contact the National Director if there are any specific theological or pastoral issues that you feel that FIEC should be addressing.

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    Together magazine

    Together is our supporter magazine. Published twice a year it includes updates from FIEC and its churches to encourage us to pray and support one another as we work together to reach Britain for Christ.

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    Published by FIEC, Primer is designed to help those in church leadership stay theologically sharp and engaged.

  • Envisioning independency

    We’re not ashamed about being a Fellowship of Independents. Neither do we think it’s a contradiction. We're driven by our biblical convictions.

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    Public engagement

    We are determined to protect the liberties of our churches to preach the gospel and practice their faith in the public sphere.

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    Regional identity

    The UK is not monochrome. Each region has its own culture, eccentricities, blessings and challenges.