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Accreditation for ministry

Through membership of the Pastors’ Network we accredit individuals so that churches can be assured of their character and gifting. Accreditation also affirms the theological, moral and spiritual standards of such men.

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Membership is open to men who are currently serving, or seeking to serve in a pastoral role in an Independent church. They need to be suitably qualified and equipped, and demonstrate an ability to sustain a profitable gospel ministry.

Admission to the Pastors’ Network is the responsibility of the FIEC Trust Board. Through the Pastoral Ministries Director, an advisory body – the National Recognition Team (NRT) – considers applications on the Trust Board’s behalf and makes recommendations as to whether the Trust Board should admit candidates for membership.

The NRT considers the candidate’s application form and three references, and then determines whether an interview is required. Where the NRT deems that an interview is necessary, arrangements are made for two FIEC representatives to personally meet the candidate and provide a report to assist the NRT in making its recommendation.

To maintain the moral and theological standards of our Fellowship, each year members of the Network are asked to sign a membership renewal form, subscribing to our Doctrinal Basis and statements on…

Gospel Unity
Women in Ministry
Same Sex Marriage

Unless the member is ministering in an FIEC affiliated church, a request is made at that time for a donation towards the costs of the Network.

The FIEC Trust Board reserves the right to remove the name of any pastor from the Pastors’ Network who fails to meet FIEC’s ministry standards or who brings dishonour to the name of the Lord Jesus or threatens the reputation of the Fellowship.

If you are interested in joining the Pastors’ Network, or if you have any questions about accreditation, please get in touch. You can also find out more by downloading the document An Introduction to the Pastors’ Network. The booklet includes our Doctrinal Basis and the statements mentioned above, alongside Biblical standards for those in pastoral ministry and other relevant information.

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    Supporting pastors

    Our Pastors’ Network exists to provide support and encouragement to serving pastors of Independent churches resident in the UK. Its aim is to help to uphold biblical standards, and to stimulate a pastor’s spiritual development in a way that will enhance effectiveness in gospel ministry for the long-term.

  • Jobs Noticeboard primary image

    Jobs Noticeboard

    Finding suitable gospel workers for church vacancies can be hard – especially for Independent churches. Which is why we provide a public page on our website where FIEC affiliated churches can advertise details of any ministry opportunities.

  • Revitalising churches primary image

    Revitalising churches

    Church Revitalisation’s Mission is “To enable struggling churches to become centres of gospel ministry and growth”. We want them to rediscover their gospel vision and grow into healthy and vibrant communities of believers.

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    Women in ministry

    We believe that women have been given all sorts of ministry gifts, and that our churches are poorer if these gifts are not developed and used. That’s why we want to grow our network of women serving in our churches to connect them for mutual support and encouragement.