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  • Training Women to use their Gifts primary image

    Training Women to use their Gifts

    Linda Allcock was invited onto Premier Radio in London to discuss women’s ministry from a complementarian perspective. We asked her to jot her thoughts down to help churches think about what Biblical women’s ministry can look like in our churches.

  • Women in Ministry statement primary image

    Women in Ministry statement

    Our position on the role of women in the church is explained in this document.

  • Meet the Women’s Ministry Group primary image

    Meet the Women’s Ministry Group

    One of the ways we have been developing the work and ministry of FIEC for more than a decade is by investing in the biblical ministry of women in our churches. Elisabeth Smyth introduces us to the Women’s Ministry Group which helps to shape this work across the Fellowship.

  • What is Complementarianism? primary image

    What is Complementarianism?

    As a Fellowship, we are keen to encourage the biblical ministry of women in our churches. Sarah Allen says key to getting this right is making sure we have a proper understanding of what the Bible teaches about women’s roles.

  • Introducing Elinor Magowan primary image

    Introducing Elinor Magowan

    We’re delighted to announce that Elinor Magowan will join our Ministry Team in January to work alongside Elisabeth Smyth as our Women’s Ministry Coordinator. Here’s a quick interview that will help you to get to know her better.

  • Spiritual Refreshment for Women primary image

    Spiritual Refreshment for Women

    Elisabeth Smyth will once again host two conferences for women in May. We asked her to explain why women’s workers and ministry wives should add one of these conferences to their diary.

  • Women in ministry primary image

    Women in ministry

    We believe that women have been given all sorts of ministry gifts, and that our churches are poorer if these gifts are not developed and used. That’s why we want to grow our network of women serving in our churches to connect them for mutual support and encouragement.

  • Serving Women primary image

    Serving Women

    Richard Underwood gives an update on an exciting development for FIEC supporting women in ministry.

  • Why are we complementarian? primary image

    Why are we complementarian?

    If FIEC doesn't take a stand on spiritual gifts or baptism, why do we make a fuss about the role of men and women in the church?

  • Flourishing in Ministry primary image

    Flourishing in Ministry

    Liz Turton has been really blessed by the Flourish course for women in ministry at London Seminary. We asked her to explain why it has been such a benefit to her work and ministry.

  • a refreshing conference primary image

    a refreshing conference

    Last week saw our second ever conference for women in ministry take place in sunny Gloucestershire. So we asked Naomi Clemo, one of the women’s workers at the conference, to tell us all about it.

  • Wise Words from a Women’s Worker primary image

    Wise Words from a Women’s Worker

    Our second annual conference for women in full- or part-time ministry will take place in two weeks. We asked Fiona Hamilton, one of the speakers from last year’s conference, about her experiences of women’s ministry.

  • Time Out for Women primary image

    Time Out for Women

    Sandra Prime explains the benefits of the retreats for women that we’ve got planned for May – and why she’s looking forward to being there again.

  • Training Women: A Priority for Pastors primary image

    Training Women: A Priority for Pastors

    Johnny Prime was really encouraged to hear the way the elders at Christ Church Haywards Heath were seeking to provide ministry training for women in the church. So he asked pastor Mark Ventham for some background and advice.

  • Valued and Thriving primary image

    Valued and Thriving

    Thrive, our annual conference for women in ministry, took place last week. But in some ways we’re reluctant to call it a conference. Elisabeth Smyth explains what makes Thrive so special.

  • Thrive 2016: Flourishing and Growing primary image

    Thrive 2016: Flourishing and Growing

    Our annual conference for women in ministry took place earlier this month. We asked delegate Catherine Heath to reflect on it for us. She says it was hugely encouraging to come away feeling refreshed and supported.

  • Thrive: A Time of Refreshment primary image

    Thrive: A Time of Refreshment

    Elspeth Pitt reflects on this year’s Thrive conference for women in ministry. She says the chance to form relationships and to relax, reflect and recharge is crucial for ministry workers.

  • Ministry Wives Take Time Out primary image

    Ministry Wives Take Time Out

    The rest, relaxation and refuelling provided by our recent Ministry Wives’ Retreat has made the event the new highlight of Becca Jenkins’ year. Here she explains why.

  • Supporting Ministry Wives primary image

    Supporting Ministry Wives

    One of the advantages of belonging to FIEC is the pastoral care we offer to men and women serving in our churches. But Elisabeth Smyth says there’s been a gap in our care for ministry wives. Here she explains how we plan to plug that gap in 2017.