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  • Unintended Consequences primary image

    Unintended Consequences

    Adrian Reynolds reflects on our speech. He says church leaders need to speak well – and listen well – to avoid being misconstrued. That’s especially true in the use of social media.

  • Staying Safe Online primary image

    Staying Safe Online

    How can we help our children to navigate the digital world when they often know more about it than we do? Linda Allcock has some advice from Paul’s letter to Titus.

  • Facebook Round-Up (Jan 2014) primary image

    Facebook Round-Up (Jan 2014)

    It's time for another look at FIEC churches on Facebook, with stories about Christmas, churches using video and a few other bits and pieces.

  • Listen primary image


    Local churches need to listen well to their local communities in order to build friendships and share the good news about Jesus. Jonathan Bennett gives a quick idea for one way for you to do just that.

  • Facebook Round-Up (August 2012) primary image

    Facebook Round-Up (August 2012)

    We’re now connected to 50 of our churches on Facebook. Here are a few stories we’ve collected for encouragement, inspiration and prayer.

  • Facebook Round-Up (May 2014) primary image

    Facebook Round-Up (May 2014)

    We now know of 94 FIEC churches that have Facebook pages, and every few months we have a look to see what stories they’re sharing. Here are some highlights from the past few months.

  • Effective Facebook Advertising primary image

    Effective Facebook Advertising

    How do you let people know about your church events and evangelism activities? Mike Judge introduces us to a simple, cost-effective way of targeting invites to your Holiday Bible Club. But as Mike explains, this technique works for other things too.

  • Facebook Round-Up (December 2014) primary image

    Facebook Round-Up (December 2014)

    Jonathan Bennett has been browsing Facebook to see what FIEC churches have been up to. Here are some encouraging stories he stumbled upon from the past few months.

  • Behind the screens primary image

    Behind the screens

    At the start of a new year, Jonathan Bennett shares a few insider secrets about the vision, usage and future of our website.

  • Facebook Round-Up (Christmas Special) primary image

    Facebook Round-Up (Christmas Special)

    There has been a flurry of activity from FIEC churches on Facebook with lots of special Christmas events taking place. Here are a few highlights…

  • Facebook Round-Up (November 2012) primary image

    Facebook Round-Up (November 2012)

    Quiz Nights, Cafés and Christmas: a few things that stood out whilst looking through FIEC churches’ Facebook Pages. Find out more by reading on…

  • Facebook Round-Up (June 2013) primary image

    Facebook Round-Up (June 2013)

    News, stories, encouragements, ideas and photos from FIEC churches on Facebook.

  • Facebook Round-Up (March 2013) primary image

    Facebook Round-Up (March 2013)

    It has been 3 months since our last round-up, so Jonathan Bennett takes a look at what's been happening with FIEC churches over on Facebook.

  • ‘Real Redemption’ Sparks National Publicity primary image

    ‘Real Redemption’ Sparks National Publicity

    An FIEC church looking to connect with its community has been given a publicity boost beyond its leaders’ dreams after their latest poster appeared not only in a national newspaper – but also went viral on social media. Rachel Dalby explains.

  • Making the most of the year’s easiest invite primary image

    Making the most of the year’s easiest invite

    September is almost here, which means Christmas paraphernalia will soon be in the shops! You might find that a bit annoying, but Jonathan G thinks it’s time for us to be planning our church Christmas activities too.

  • Public engagement primary image

    Public engagement

    We are determined to protect the liberties of our churches to preach the gospel and practice their faith in the public sphere.

  • Attendance, Migration, Community primary image

    Attendance, Migration, Community

    Back in the autumn, FIEC held a small consultation with leaders from churches in rural, city and town locations. Ray Evans took part in the discussion and here he unpacks three big headlines that came out of the conversation.

  • Gap Theory v2.0 primary image

    Gap Theory v2.0

    Adrian Reynolds makes a plea for rethinking some of our evangelistic communication. What do people really understand when they read our material?

  • Evangelistic Momentum 2: Overwhelming Need primary image

    Evangelistic Momentum 2: Overwhelming Need

    In this series, Ray Evans and Jon Putt are reviewing three books that help us to understand the world we are living in. These book reviews will set the context to encourage us to build evangelistic momentum in our churches.