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  • Startling, but not surprising primary image

    Startling, but not surprising

    If your pastor described himself as lonely, said his prayer life was disappointing and revealed that he felt under-supported by his church, how would you react? Richard Underwood reveals the results of our Pastoral Wellbeing survey and explains how we want to support those leading our churches.

  • How to pastor your pastor primary image

    How to pastor your pastor

    Pastors are not Super-Christians. They need the love, support and encouragement of church members and fellow leaders if they are to faithfully serve the people entrusted to them.

  • Pastoral care for pastors primary image

    Pastoral care for pastors

    It’s a fact that spiritually-healthy pastors contribute a great deal to promote spiritually-healthy churches. It’s also a fact that the casualty rate amongst pastors is worryingly high. As someone has remarked, if this happened in industry questions would be asked. Yet the kingdom of God is more important than industry.

  • Supporting pastors primary image

    Supporting pastors

    Our Pastors’ Network exists to provide support and encouragement to serving pastors of Independent churches resident in the UK. Its aim is to help to uphold biblical standards, and to stimulate a pastor’s spiritual development in a way that will enhance effectiveness in gospel ministry for the long-term.

  • Caring for your Pastor primary image

    Caring for your Pastor

    Over the next week or so, every FIEC church will be sent a new Code of Best Practice which offers advice and guidance on how churches should care for their pastors. We asked Richard Underwood to introduce it for us.

  • Your Local Conference primary image

    Your Local Conference

    Our Pastors’ Network exists to provide Independent church leaders with accreditation for ministry, accountability in ministry and access to pastoral care. One of the ways we do that is through our programme of Pastors’ Network conferences. John Walley went to the recent one in Birmingham.

  • Is your pastor an employee, office-holder or both? primary image

    Is your pastor an employee, office-holder or both?

    Churches need to consider this question because there are significant practical differences between employees and office-holders and a number of recent cases may mean that pastors who thought they were only office-holders may actually be employees.

  • Honouring God’s Servants primary image

    Honouring God’s Servants

    How do we properly honour and support our pastors? Derek Prime offers some advice gleaned from more than 50 years in pastoral ministry.

  • Hello and Goodbye primary image

    Hello and Goodbye

    We’re delighted to announce that Jonathan Prime (Johnny) will become our new Pastoral Ministries Director when Richard Underwood retires from his FIEC ministry at the end of 2017. Phil Topham has been finding out how this transition will take place.

  • Pastor Training International primary image

    Pastor Training International

    John Stevens shares about the work of Pastor Training International, which exists to strengthen the Christian church in the poorest regions of the world.

  • Pastors, don’t be a Martha primary image

    Pastors, don’t be a Martha

    The first ever FIEC Pastoral Retreat in Scotland took place in Edinburgh over the summer giving pastors the chance to recharge – as Andy Hunter reflects.

  • Building Ministry Friendships primary image

    Building Ministry Friendships

    Our recent Pastoral Wellbeing Survey revealed that just over half of pastors don’t have friends in ministry to help them recharge. Phil Topham reports on one initiative which could go a long way to solving that problem.

  • The Pastors’ Network primary image

    The Pastors’ Network

    The life of a church pastor can be lonely, high-pressured and emotionally draining. Find out some of the ways we're trying to ease their burden in this short video.

  • Supporting Ministry Families primary image

    Supporting Ministry Families

    How can we make sure that the best support is available for pastors and their families? Earlier in May, Pastoral Ministries Director Richard Underwood gathered a group of FIEC pastors in Derbyshire to think and pray about how we can encourage greater support networks for church leaders. He explains how they got on.

  • Accreditation for ministry primary image

    Accreditation for ministry

    Through membership of the Pastors’ Network we accredit individuals so that churches can be assured of their character and gifting. Accreditation also affirms the theological, moral and spiritual standards of such men.

  • A New Pastor primary image

    A New Pastor

    Avoch Congregational Church has been through a remarkable revitalisation since 2011, with numbers growing substantially to a consistent core. But when the church called a new pastor last year they needed to make sure they were legally compliant. Elder Les Smith says this is where FIEC Practical Services came in.

  • Calling a Pastor primary image

    Calling a Pastor

    What characteristics should a church look for in a man they want to call as pastor? Trevor Archer and Paul Mallard have 60 years of pastoral ministry between them and they have offered us 12 pointers for churches to think through.

  • Retreating to Advance primary image

    Retreating to Advance

    Johnny Prime took a group of pastors away in January to help him better understand the work and ministry of the Pastors’ Network. As he settles into his new role, we asked him to fill us in on plans for this coming year.

  • WANTED: More Vacancies! primary image

    WANTED: More Vacancies!

    Richard Underwood thinks we might have a problem, but in some ways it’s a good problem to have. Find out more as Richard shares some joined-up reflections on The Hub Conference, our Pastors’ Network and Ministry Introductions.