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  • Heading off to University? primary image

    Heading off to University?

    If you’ve had your A-Level results and are heading off to University, where will you worship? There are now more than 560 FIEC churches across Great Britain and we’ve asked some of them in popular student destinations to tell us a bit about their work and ministry so you can plan ahead.

  • A Growing Staff Team primary image

    A Growing Staff Team

    If your church is growing and you’re having to take on more paid workers, Ray Evans says you’ll need to spend some time clarifying roles and responsibilities. If you don’t – things will soon get overstretched.

  • Team Structures primary image

    Team Structures

    Most churches know that they need to develop effective structures as a church grows. But how do you go about it? Ray Evans offers some practical advice on how you can transition to teams.

  • Three Pressure Points primary image

    Three Pressure Points

    Spiritual pressures will come for every leader. But how do you overcome them? Ray Evans says you need a brave spirit, a holy heart and a clear head.

  • Quality Teaching primary image

    Quality Teaching

    How do you plan your church preaching programme? Ray Evans shares some wisdom about long-term planning, short-term planning and how you should follow this up.

  • The CARE Plan primary image

    The CARE Plan

    Ray Evans introduces a resource that helps leaders to clarify their mission and goals. He says it’s been a huge help to him as he led a growing ministry team and is really useful as you move from rotas to teams.

  • Welcome to the Family (July 2018) primary image

    Welcome to the Family (July 2018)

    An increasing number of churches are joining FIEC because they share our vision to be “Independent churches working together to reach the nation for Christ.” John Stevens introduces us to the newest members of the family.

  • Leaders’ Conference 2019 primary image

    Leaders’ Conference 2019

    This conference is for all leaders or staff members in FIEC churches, as well as leaders from churches that are considering FIEC affiliation.

  • Organic or Organised? primary image

    Organic or Organised?

    Following his article on the marks of a healthy church in Acts 2, Ray Evans reflects on Acts 6. He says this passage of Scripture is also essential in helping us to understand what a healthy church looks like.

  • Developing Deacons primary image

    Developing Deacons

    Ray Evans has been considering the role of deacons. How does a church go about appointing them and how does that work in churches of different sizes?

  • Are Your Meetings SMART? primary image

    Are Your Meetings SMART?

    How do you chair meetings well? Ray Evans says it’s not something you always learn at College, so he introduces us to a tool which has helped him to lead his team at Grace.

  • Preaching the Passage primary image

    Preaching the Passage

    In a six part series, Ray Evans unpacks some advice for preachers. In this first part of 'Communication 101' he begins to explore what it means to preach the passage.

  • Why are we complementarian? primary image

    Why are we complementarian?

    If FIEC doesn't take a stand on spiritual gifts or baptism, why do we make a fuss about the role of men and women in the church?

  • Effective Lay Leadership 1 primary image

    Effective Lay Leadership 1

    This is the first of a two-part series aimed at both pastors and lay leaders. Ray Evans explains how lay leaders can be most effective in their calling while encouraging paid workers to better understand their unpaid colleagues.

  • Evangelistic Momentum 5: The Example of Acts 16 primary image

    Evangelistic Momentum 5: The Example of Acts 16

    In the final part of this series on building evangelistic momentum, Ray Evans takes Acts 16 as his starting point to stimulate us to action.

  • Evangelistic Energy primary image

    Evangelistic Energy

    Keeping your evangelistic zeal is one of the hardest things for church leaders. In this article, Ray Evans explains why it’s vital to maintain that energy.

  • Quality Control primary image

    Quality Control

    Ray Evans explains how the quality of your welcome, your teaching ministry and your hospitality are vital to church health.

  • A Recurring Ministry Problem primary image

    A Recurring Ministry Problem

    Ray Evans says one of the great dangers in church leadership is the temptation to work harder and longer because we think that’s the only way to make a difference. In this review of a book from the world of business, he says that’s rarely the case.

  • Dealing with Anger primary image

    Dealing with Anger

    Ray Evans explains three root causes of anger that he’s faced in his years as a pastor. He says leaders need to embrace one, understand the second and disarm the third.

  • Effective Lay Leadership 2 primary image

    Effective Lay Leadership 2

    In the second of his two-part series, Ray Evans explains how lay leaders can effectively work alongside other unpaid leaders and how they can best use their gifts to lead small teams to support church growth.