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  • Progress #2 primary image

    Progress #2

    In the second of two talks on progress in gifting and godliness from The Hub Conference 2018, Adrian Reynolds encourages progress in faith, love and purity.

  • Any Given Sunday primary image

    Any Given Sunday

    "Is Sunday the Lord’s Day or not? How might Sundays look different for a church in contemporary Britain?"

  • Five Ways to Spend a Legacy primary image

    Five Ways to Spend a Legacy

    If you unexpectedly received some money for your church, what would you do with it? Adrian Reynolds suggests a few different ways you could invest it for the Kingdom.

  • Why do youth ministry? primary image

    Why do youth ministry?

    Was church youth ministry influential in your life? Then it's worth considering the possibility that God might want you to serve the church by getting involved with youth ministry.

  • Take the high road into ministry primary image

    Take the high road into ministry

    Scotland has a great history of theological education – and it looks to have a good future too. Andy Hunter reflects on that heritage and shares one initiative that will help prepare more men and women for ministry.

  • What is an evangelist? primary image

    What is an evangelist?

    What is distinctive about the role of an evangelist? What does the Bible have to say about it?

  • Ministry to Internationals primary image

    Ministry to Internationals

    Have you considered that God may be calling you to work with international people in the UK?

  • Good Preparation for Ministry primary image

    Good Preparation for Ministry

    Trevor Archer shares some reflections on one important preparation for vocational ministry: the secular workplace.

  • Investing in the Future primary image

    Investing in the Future

    For many years there hasn’t been a clear route into gospel ministry for people who are called to serve in Independent churches. The FIEC Training Fund was set up in 2012 to try and change that. Training Director Trevor Archer explains where the money comes from and introduces us to some generous donors.

  • Singleness and Ministry primary image

    Singleness and Ministry

    What are the specific challenges and opportunities for being single in ministry?

  • Is urban ministry for me? primary image

    Is urban ministry for me?

    How do you know if you're suited to ministering in urban areas?

  • What is a pastor? primary image

    What is a pastor?

    In this short video, Rob Pickering gives a few thoughts about the role of a pastor.

  • What is a church planter? primary image

    What is a church planter?

    Some thoughts from a church planter in Brixton, South London.

  • Three things I wish I’d known primary image

    Three things I wish I’d known

    Martin Woodier shares three things he wishes he'd known before entering vocational ministry.

  • Why be a church apprentice? primary image

    Why be a church apprentice?

    How does an apprenticeship benefit someone considering full-time ministry?

  • Why be a youth worker? primary image

    Why be a youth worker?

    Is youth work simply a stepping stone to other ministry?