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  • Licence to Help primary image

    Licence to Help

    Our Practical Services team have always given expert help and advice, but now they can do even more! Gemma Adam explains all.

  • We love the jobs you hate primary image

    We love the jobs you hate

    Gemma Adam, our Practical Services Director, returned to work in September after twelve months of maternity leave. Now that the dust has settled, we set her a few questions to find out a bit more about life leading the Practical Services team.

  • A New Pastor primary image

    A New Pastor

    Avoch Congregational Church has been through a remarkable revitalisation since 2011, with numbers growing substantially to a consistent core. But when the church called a new pastor last year they needed to make sure they were legally compliant. Elder Les Smith says this is where FIEC Practical Services came in.

  • Governance and Gospel Yorkshire primary image

    Governance and Gospel Yorkshire

    Here’s a riddle: What’s the connection between a senior solicitor and the spread of the gospel in England’s largest county? Answer: FIEC Practical Services. How so? Peter Wood explains.

  • Data Protection Law and Your Church primary image

    Data Protection Law and Your Church

    From May 2018 it's a legal requirement for every church to conform to the General Data Protection Regulation, which dictates how you can use people’s personal data. Our Practical Services team have been exploring all the ins and outs of GDPR so that you don’t have to.

  • Seek First the Kingdom primary image

    Seek First the Kingdom

    Gemma Adam gave up the chance to work in a private practice as a solicitor to serve Independent churches with FIEC Practical Services. We asked her to share her story as more and more churches contact us for legal help.

  • Introducing Edward Connor Solicitors primary image

    Introducing Edward Connor Solicitors

    On 1 March 2018, FIEC launched a brand new legal services company to support even more churches and Christian charities with professional legal advice. Gemma Adam introduces us to Edward Connor Solicitors.

  • Transformed on the Inside primary image

    Transformed on the Inside

    Bethesda Church in Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire had two buildings when Gordon Bingham became pastor in 2013. Now they’ve sold one to refurbish the other and Phil Topham’s been finding out more about their plans for the future.

  • First Aid primary image

    First Aid

    What do churches need to think about when it comes to first aid requirements on a Sunday and for regular clubs and church events?

  • Should Your Church Become a CIO? primary image

    Should Your Church Become a CIO?

    What are the advantages of your church becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)? And how would you go about making the change?

  • Faith, Hope and Charities primary image

    Faith, Hope and Charities

    There are lots of people in our churches whose work may be unseen, but whose responsibility is great. Church charity trustees definitely fall into that group. But how can we support them better?

  • Protecting the Vulnerable primary image

    Protecting the Vulnerable

    Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults is a vital part of a church’s ministry to its local community. Rachel Dalby introduces us to a new safeguarding provider that is seeking to serve FIEC churches with help and advice.

  • Copyright and Your Church primary image

    Copyright and Your Church

    If you're using images, film or music in your church activities or advertising then you need to make sure you're not infringing copyright law. Here's what you need to know.

  • Fire Safety for Churches primary image

    Fire Safety for Churches

    None of us like to think about the unthinkable. But the reality is that all church buildings can be susceptible to fire. Here is some information to help you think through the precautions your church can take to make sure you are managing the risks.

  • Property Transactions primary image

    Property Transactions

    As Christians we are called to serve God in all we do. Part of this is stewarding our resources well. What do you need to think about when your church is looking to buy or sell property? Here’s some advice from our friends at Edward Connor Solicitors.

  • A Premium for Planting primary image

    A Premium for Planting

    Wouldn’t it be great if something as mundane as church insurance could support church planting on the ground? Well now it can, as Gemma Adam explains.

  • Free Accounting and Financial Advice from ACAT primary image

    Free Accounting and Financial Advice from ACAT

    Since the end of January 2014, all FIEC affiliated churches are now automatically members of the Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers (ACAT). This article explains the benefits for our family of churches.

  • Is your pastor an employee, office-holder or both? primary image

    Is your pastor an employee, office-holder or both?

    Churches need to consider this question because there are significant practical differences between employees and office-holders and a number of recent cases may mean that pastors who thought they were only office-holders may actually be employees.

  • Creating Capacity for Change primary image

    Creating Capacity for Change

    Caroline Eade helps us to think through some of the governance challenges that arise when churches go through change.