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  • Local Church Global Mission primary image

    Local Church Global Mission

    We are delighted to be supporting the first ‘Local Church Global Mission’ conference on 7th June, so Andy Paterson, our Mission Director, asked Michael Prest some questions about this exciting new initiative.

  • World Mission for Sunday Schools primary image

    World Mission for Sunday Schools

    Two church members in Suffolk have been trialling their new young-people’s world mission course at an FIEC church. Janet Brown from Mickfield Evangelical Church near Stowmarket, tells us more.

  • More than a Local Mission primary image

    More than a Local Mission

    Just over ten years ago, a group of Christians started meeting as Aigburth Community Church. Aigburth is a south Liverpool suburb with a population of around 15,000 people. That initial group of 20 has become a congregation of 180, which is now contributing to a global mission network as Steve Palframan explains.

  • Leading a Church in Mission primary image

    Leading a Church in Mission

    Adrian Reynolds reviews a short but compelling book from 9Marks on the subject of world mission.

  • Why Overseas Mission? primary image

    Why Overseas Mission?

    Why are so many Christians and churches in Great Britain still looking for an answer to this question? Tim Matthews says we would be better asking: what are we doing about the millions in the world who have still not heard the gospel?

  • A Global Shift in Mission primary image

    A Global Shift in Mission

    The balance of influence and need in global mission is changing. Andy Paterson recently attended a consultation about the challenges and opportunities for mission in Europe. Here he shares with us some of his reflections.

  • When Gospel Preaching is Illegal primary image

    When Gospel Preaching is Illegal

    Churches up and down the country will preach the glorious good news of the resurrection this weekend as we celebrate Easter. But what if preaching Christ was illegal? Phil Walter’s just returned from a mission trip to Vietnam where the conference he was speaking at was raided by the police.

  • Scottish Churches: Connecting for Mission primary image

    Scottish Churches: Connecting for Mission

    One of the ways FIEC serves Independent churches is by encouraging them to work together in the great task of reaching the nation for Christ. Rachel Dalby reports back from our recent Scottish Mission Forum, designed to encourage these missional connections in Scotland.

  • 1,000,000 People, 100 Christians primary image

    1,000,000 People, 100 Christians

    Daniel and Laura (not their real names) are members of an FIEC church in Britain and are now preparing to move overseas to share the gospel with unreached people in the NAME (North Africa Middle East) region. Here they share about the needs of the region and how people can pray for missionaries like them.

  • The Task primary image

    The Task

    What’s the role of the local church in reaching the nations of the world for Christ? Phil Tinker introduces us to a day-conference later in February designed to help churches focus on this vital task of world mission.

  • A Passion for Life 2014 primary image

    A Passion for Life 2014

    In 2010, many local churches took part in the first national A Passion for Life mission. The mission will be taking place again in 2014 and so John Stevens explains why what it’s all about.

  • Real Lives in Southampton primary image

    Real Lives in Southampton

    A lot of our evangelism happens one-to-one as we share the gospel with friends and neighbours in our everyday lives. Above Bar Church in Southampton are equipping their members for these opportunities but have also seen folk saved through a mission week as Phil Topham has been finding out.

  • A Father to the Fatherless primary image

    A Father to the Fatherless

    How do we reach some of the toughest estates in the country with the gospel? David Binder introduces us to SixtyEightFive – a ministry aimed at reaching those in fatherless families in Middlesbrough.

  • Mission to London primary image

    Mission to London

    The Globe Church in London is a recognised FIEC church plant which will officially launch in September. In June they held a reception evening to encourage Christians to capture their gospel vision - which they pray will extend to London and beyond. FIEC Head of Communication Phil Topham went along to find out more.

  • Missionaries to Leicester primary image

    Missionaries to Leicester

    It’s always exciting to read about new churches starting. Phil Topham’s been finding out about North Church Leicester – a recognised church plant which has been started by The Crowded House Loughborough.

  • A New Role for Andy Paterson primary image

    A New Role for Andy Paterson

    All of us who serve at FIEC are passionate about local Independent churches. That’s why we’re really excited that our Mission Director Andy Paterson will be taking on a new pastoral ministry role in 2018 as Phil Topham explains.

  • Gospel in the City 2 primary image

    Gospel in the City 2

    In this second article of a three-part series, Andy Paterson explains why we need to be convinced by the place of the gospel church.

  • A City-Wide Vision primary image

    A City-Wide Vision

    Every year, 2020 Birmingham organises a conference to envision Christians about church planting and equip church planters. Andy Weatherley, pastor of Grace Church Dell Road and one of the Trustees of 2020 Birmingham, reports back from the recent 2014 conference and shares something of the vision and strategy of the network.

  • A Growing Mission Field primary image

    A Growing Mission Field

    There’s an often-overlooked demographic who make up a growing proportion of the UK’s population. Who are they? Richard Underwood tells all.

  • The Week the World came to Glasgow primary image

    The Week the World came to Glasgow

    It has certainly been a sporty summer. Alan McKnight reports back from a week of mission at a big sporting event in Glasgow: the Commonwealth Games.