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Student Ministry in Lockdown (Webinar)

What are the challenges and opportunities facing churches as they send and receive students during lockdown?


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In this webinar, John Stevens provides an update on how the latest Government announcement will affect church ministry.

He is also joined by Peter Dray, Director of Creative Evangelism at UCCF: the Christian Unions, to discuss how the pandemic has affected university experience for students, and how churches who send students to university or churches that receive students arriving for university can support students best during lockdown.

This is followed by short presentations from three FIEC church leaders about their challenges and opportunities as they welcome students to their churches this month:

02:10 - Bible teaching: True Hope (John Stevens);

08:05 - Coronavirus Guidance Update (John Stevens);

16:44 - The Pandemic University Experience (Peter Dray);

36:39 - Challenges and opportunities at three FIEC churches (Jon Reeves, Naomi Shin, Dave Bish);

55:26 - Q&A

  • What might the next six months of lockdown looks like for students?
  • How can we reach students in areas of local lockdown?
  • How can students workers 'mingle' with students during a Sunday service?
  • Should staff meetings that have move in-person now go back to online?
  • Can you clarify social distancing in church services? Can we fit more people in using 1m+?
  • What do you advise for church activities in private home? What about 1 to 1s?
  • Is the restriction on maximum wedding attendance guidance or law?
  • Is conscience a legitimate reason not to wear a mask in church?
  • Can we set up a group for people with additional needs?

Key updates and comments

  • There is no desire for a national lockdown or the closure of places of worship. However, there is still the risk of tougher measures if the spread of the virus is not restrained;
  • There is virtually no change to the guidance for places of worship with the new measures brought in on 23 September, although the guidance on social interaction and gatherings is different in the devolved nations;
  • We must be considerate of pastoral concerns: restricted social contact; pressures from working from home; Christmas affected; people in severely affected industries.
  • Universities may be over-promising what the university experience will be this year, which may have emotional and spiritual consequences for students;
  • There are fears around a mental health spike, as students feel lonely, isolated and depressed;
  • CUs cannot gather in groups of more than six and many Christian students may be "non-resilient" and unlikely to find their own way to a local church;
  • Sending churches should pray for their students and encourage wise engagement with churches in their university city;
  • Receiving churches should encourage returning students into CU Impact Groups and prepare for an elongated welcome period.

You can watch back previous webinars and sign up for future webinars on the Leadership in Lockdown page.

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