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Mental Health in Lockdown (Webinar)

A webinar, with Q&A, to explore the theme of mental health in lockdown, both for church communities and church leaders.


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It's increasingly obvious and covered in the media that mental health issues are a significant problem both in the community within the church, and also amongst pastors and church leaders. This has maybe been maybe magnified and deepened during lockdown.

Joining John Stevens, FIEC's National Director, in this webinar to discuss mental health are Steve Midgley, Executive Director of Biblical Counselling UK and senior pastor of Christ Church, Cambridge, and Dan Steel, pastor of Magdalen Road Church, Oxford.

00:00 - Update on Government guidance on lockdown for churches

01:46 - Bible teaching: 1 Peter 5:6-7 (John Stevens)

07:51 - Mental Health in Lockdown (Steve Midgley)

27:34 - Church Leaders in Lockdown survey findings and conclusions (Dan Steel)

39:13 - Q&A

  • How do we approach clinical diagnosis of mental health in churches?
  • How can we create a safe space to talk about mental health?
  • How is best to engage with those who are shielding during lockdown?
  • How is best to take a break when we are unable to get a change of scenery during lockdown?
  • Any tips for avoiding exhaustion?
  • Will mandatory mask wearing in shops be extended to places of worship?
  • Would a positive case of COVID in a church service mean the entire congregation need to isolate?
  • Can we still hold our annual conference?
  • How do we help people at both ends of the opinions on meeting together?

Key comments

  • God can lift you up, he will carry you through your anxiety. So humble yourself and cast your anxieties on him (1 Peter 5:6-7).
  • It is difficult to find the divide between mental and spiritual health issues. They can come from disruption, acceleration, intensification, and exhaustion in areas of life.
  • So listen: harder; between the lines; for trouble; for anxiety; for growth and decline; to yourself.
  • Ministry is hard for church leaders in lockdown - most people want to give up some of the time.
  • Mental health issues in church leaders seem to be increasing during lockdown. Most are coping through good means but some are "just keeping going".
  • 81% of respondents said a change of culture was needed to help one another in these things.

Further resources

You can watch other webinars, and sign up for future ones, on the Leadership in Lockdown page.

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