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We Have Heard a Joyful Sound (He Saves)

A new adaptation by Colin Webster (Cornerstone Church, Nottingham) of a hymn by Priscilla Owens.

We love to sing about the resurrection, that Christ has overcome death, that he is risen and ascended. The resurrection confirms the hope that we have through Jesus, a certain hope of life forever in the presence of God. We trawled some of the old hymn books for songs of faith which echo this truth, and we were reminded of the great hymn from the American hymnwriter Priscilla Owens. Colin has added a great chorus, which picks up on the repeated statement of faith in the verses that “Jesus saves!”.

It was encouraging and humbling to hear recently of one elderly believer who chose this song for his funeral service as it was his favourite hymn. We are committed to writing and adapting songs that engage with young and old, we hope you are able to use this song to unite your church in praise and worship of our great Saviour.

Phil Moore

We have heard a joyful sound
Jesus saves!
Spread the tidings all around
Jesus saves!
Bear the news to every land
Climb the steeps and cross the waves
Onward! ‘tis our Lord’s command
Jesus saves!

He saves, he saves, Christ Jesus is alive
His cross and grave become our victory cry
He saves, he saves, be reconciled to God
Tell the nations Jesus saves

Sing above the battle’s strife
Jesus saves!
By his death and endless life
Jesus saves!
Sing it softly through the gloom
When the heart for mercy craves
Sing in triumph o’er the tomb
Jesus saves!

Give the winds a mighty voice
Jesus saves!
Let the nations now rejoice
Jesus saves!
Shout salvation full and free
Highest hills and deepest caves
This our song of victory
Jesus saves!

Words: Priscilla Owens
Music: William Kirkpatrick
Additional Music and Words: Colin Webster

© 2011 Colin Webster,

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