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The Christian Bubble

There's a danger for Christians - and especially church leaders - to spend all of their time with other Christians. So how can you make sure you're building friendships with those who don't yet know Christ?

The ninth part of an informal discussion about church growth and leadership between three experienced pastors: Ray Evans (Grace Community Church Bedford & FIEC Church Leadership Consultant), Paul Rees (Charlotte Chapel Edinburgh) and Michael Teutsch (Highfields Church Cardiff).

Some questions for further thought or discussion:

  1. What example are your setting? What do you find hard about relating to non-Christians? If you live in a Christian bubble, how could you burst it?
  2. How does your church encourage a) you and, b) other members to carve out time to spend with those who are not yet believers in Christ?
  3. Do you read the Bible with non-Christians? How could you begin to model this for other Christians?

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