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Apologetics in the Public Square

The second of two seminars given by David Robertson at our 2018 Leaders' Conference.

How do we engage in persuasive evangelism in the Public Square? Where is our ‘market place’? In this seminar we will look at how we can communicate the gospel into an increasingly post-Christian society. There are no quick fix programmes, so we have to wrestle with Scripture and context in order to see what can be done to make the church in the 21st century as effective in evangelism as it was in the 1st.

David is minister of St Peter’s Free Church in Dundee, Director of The Solas Centre for Public Christianity and is a chaplain at the University of Dundee. He is regularly involved in the media through writing newspaper articles and contributing to radio programmes. David has authored five books and was Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland in 2015/16.

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