Remembering Reminding and Risking

Remembering, Reminding, and Risking

It was a joy to welcome 80 men and women to The Hub Conference in January - all of them considering a call to ministry or already in training. Sam Anderson offers us his reflections on the 48 hours together.

It’s not easy to get quality time to prayerfully think through big decisions, and if you’re married, carving out that time can feel even harder.

So away from all the distractions of everyday life, my wife and I set off to The Hub Conference to think through ministry together, with many other delegates from different places in the UK. All of us are at different stages on our path into ministry.

For us, this was our second time at The Hub Conference and it’s been a key moment in the year for us to think through ministry, get to know other people in ministry and be reminded of the risk we’re all called to take.

Time Together

After settling in to the hotel and having a good dinner and chat with other delegates, the conference kicked off with Nathan Howard from Enfield Town Community Church preaching on 2 Timothy 2.

  • Nathan Howard at The Hub 2019

    Nathan Howard

It was a really helpful reminder of our spiritual forgetfulness as the people of God and that we need to: “Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, descended from David.” 2 Timothy 2:8.

As believers, we need to remind ourselves of the gospel, applying it to our lives all the time. Gospel remembering helps us endure trials with joy because there is no one better, no one more worth suffering for.

Something that struck me afresh was being reminded that suffering is not the problem but the pattern for Christian ministry. We follow a Saviour who suffered for us, demonstrating true servant leadership.

I was also really encouraged by Nathan speaking on what a ministry of reminding others looked like. We’re not called to create a fresh, exciting, new ‘out there’ angle on the gospel but to simply remind others of Christ crucified.

Meeting Others in Ministry

I have a confession to make. I came to The Hub Conference this year having already received a confirmed ministry job offer. But I still really benefited from the conference, not only through the talks, but also from getting to know other people, both on their way into ministry and those who have been working in ministry for years.

The message from my Bible College and from The Hub Conference has been loud and clear on this. If you’re working in gospel ministry, you need the fellowship of other gospel workers. And what better way to meet some people than at a conference like The Hub.

I met some great people last year and some great people this year. I was really energised by chatting to other people like me, going through the same experience and struggles as me, as we all explore gospel ministry together.

As part of the conference we also had the opportunity to spend time with an experienced ministry couple to ask questions and benefit from their prayers and wisdom, as we discussed what future ministry might look like for us. We were able to meet the same ministry couple as last year and it was a valuable time to catch up and chat together.

Risk is Right

On the last day of the conference we were helpfully challenged by Ian Williamson from New Life Church, Middlesbrough, to take risks for the glory of Jesus’ name.

  • Ian Williamson at The Hub 2019

    Ian Williamson

It was a fitting end to the conference and something that should challenge us all.

I can often make comfort an idol and I’m thankful for The Hub Conference’s help and challenge to think through the cost and sacrifice of ministry, not as a medal of honour to others, but as a genuine response to the sacrifice that Jesus made for us, in our place.

The need is great, and the workers are few.

Not everyone is called into full-time or part-time gospel ministry, but we are all called to a ministry of remembering and reminding others of that same great gospel. And we are all called to take risks for the glory of Jesus’ name.

Is Jesus calling you to take the risk of full-time ministry?

If it’s something you’ve been praying and thinking about with your church leaders, then The Hub Conference 2020 would be a really helpful next step in thinking that through.

Wherever the Lord calls you to be, may you glorify the name of the Lord Jesus, remembering what he has done and reminding others of these truths until his return.

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