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Somebody’s Son

Andy Paterson reviews a thrilling book about FIEC’s former General Secretary, Bev Savage.

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I owe a massive debt to Bev Savage, and so does FIEC.

For three years I worked as his assistant at the Slade Church in Plumstead, and witnessed first-hand a godly, visionary pastor in action. They were exciting days in a unique London location, and the example Bev and Val gave to Kath and I was priceless.

It was during those days that we were challenged to rise to the needs of FIEC and be part of the next wave who would do something to bring about necessary change. Bev did just that. He retired from pastoral ministry to commit himself first to research and development for FIEC and then to the leadership of it. 

Little did I know what was going on ‘behind the scenes’ at that time. Val was researching Bev’s family roots. As an adopted boy he knew next to nothing about his parentage. But Val’s research unearthed a tangled story of deceit, loss and love that she recorded in book form before her death in 2006.

This has now been published, along with Bev’s commentary and up-dating, in the book Somebody’s Son.

I read it in one sitting. It reads like a detective thriller, full of twists and turns, saturated with honest emotion and deep theological reflection. And for those interested in how the FIEC began vital structural changes in the 1990s, this will help shine a light on those significant days.

I heartily recommend it to you.

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Andy Paterson - FIEC Mission Director

Andy is married to Kath and has two grown-up children. He’s a life-long Spurs supporter, a frustrated drummer and bassist, loves reading history and crime novels (there’s not much difference to him!) and walking around hills, vales and industrial heartlands.

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