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Seek First the Kingdom

Gemma Adam gave up the chance to work in a private practice as a solicitor to serve Independent churches with FIEC Practical Services. We asked her to share her story as more and more churches contact us for legal help.

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For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to practice law.

I imagined I might be the next William Wilberforce, using the law to change society and bring justice to everyone! But my time at university wasn’t just an opportunity for me to learn law: I also grew as a Christian and in my love of God’s word.

Very quickly I realised that it wasn’t the law that was going to change people and bring justice: it was the gospel.

After graduating, whilst most of my peers went off to do their training with corporate law firms, I went to study the Bible at Northern Cornhill. I loved that chance to learn how to handle the Bible better and how to teach it and apply it to all of my life but I did miss law. So I was delighted when God gave me an opening to do my training with a law firm that had lots of churches and Christian charities as clients.

In making the decision to leave that firm and serve with FIEC, I felt led by Jesus’ simple instruction to “seek first the kingdom of God.” Of course, many Christian lawyers seek first the kingdom of God in their secular workplaces but, for me, I saw myself growing more as a Christian and helping the spread of the gospel more effectively by using my legal skills to serve churches in FIEC.

So how does it differ from working in a private practice?

You might suspect that it’s less hard work. Granted we don’t feel the need to leave our jackets on the backs of our chairs so people don’t realise we went home at 8pm, as my friends in City firms tell me they do! But we do work very hard. We are zealous in good works not because we’re thinking about our next appraisal but because we want to please our heavenly Father and do the very best job possible for his church.

Our motivation is that we want to see God glorified in the churches we are serving, rather than make a profit. Working for an organisation which has as its focus the excellence of God’s revelation of himself in this present age (the church) helps us as individuals to keep that focus. It gives a special meaning to the (sometimes mundane) work that solicitors do. But it doesn’t feel mundane when you see the impact it can have on a church and, therefore, the gospel.

Finally, we come to the office each morning as servants of the living God wanting to serve others rather than compete against them as we climb the career ladder. It is a great privilege and joy to work alongside such godly people who share the same passion for the gospel and simply want to give rather than receive.

Sound interesting?

If you have a legal background, whether you are at the very first stages of a law degree or you have practiced for years and are at the end of your legal career, FIEC Practical Services is always looking for mature Christians who have a passion to serve the gospel with their gifts and to grow in Christlikeness.

Please contact us if you would like to join us in this exciting work!

FIEC Practical Services is currently recruiting for a Research & Advice Co-ordinator to come and staff their advice line for churches. See the job description and person specification.

Gemma Adam photo
Gemma Adam - FIEC Practical Services Director

Gemma is employed by Edward Connor Solicitors as a solicitor and leads the Practical Services team. Her husband, Richard, is Assistant Minister at Emmanuel Church, Bramcote, Nottingham and they have two young children.